#Writephoto – Return to Adasi

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

A perfect prompt for Kip, with a bit more light in his heart this time

Restoration – Image by KL Caley

Return to Adasi
Flash Fiction

It had been some years since I had been to Adasi with Arina. Then I was just a boy dressed in jeans and a t-shirt supporting his mother in her grief. Today, I’m a man standing here in a suit and tie, a laptop and paperwork in an attache case. This was my first day on the job.

For the last five years, a pact of peace between the Borderlands and the Regime had been in force. Now Adasi could be brought back to life. My assignment was this crumbling wreck that once had been the town barrack house. Pure chance I had been assigned to this – the place I can so clearly recall my mother sobbing for her son, Dal.

I walked into the building and into what would have been the mess hall. This is where we had laid white roses to Dal’s memory, and to his older brother, Malo who had been killed just a year before him.

When I had submitted my plans to make the back house a museum and a memorial to many lost to the wars against the Regime, I didn’t think it would come to anything much. I was fresh out of university with a degree in design and architecture – like who was going to take that seriously. Still, I was called to Sintergan for an interview. Gai had taken the day off to take me to the capital and make sure I was looking the part.

Nonetheless, it was a bag of nerves that entered that office building with a folder of notes and designs for the barrack house. And it was a bag of nerves who sat waiting for the Chief of Redevelopment to call me in. Does everyone get interviewed by the Chief? Again, I was lost in thought.

‘Mr. Cantu, the Captain will see you now!’

So this was it. I even wished myself luck as I entered the large luxurious office. The Captain, a well-built, jolly man looked like a younger and taller version of Loban. Oddly, that made me relax a bit.

“Sit down, young man” he pointed to a chair, “Tanrai will get us some tea and we can chat about your ideas”

So there I was sipping tea with this man and talking about my ideas. A museum depicting the horrors of the Regime, the weapons and military used to keep the Borderlands a free state, the memorial room for all those lost in that fight, and a peaceful garden to think and remember in.

“You know it is an absolutely fabulous idea,” the Captain said in between sips of tea. “What made you think of it? Surely a young man like you has grander ambitions like corporate buildings and landmark city planning?’

“Normally, I would think that way, Sir, but this is important to me.”

I went on to tell him about the Escape from the Regime, finding a home with Loban and Arina, and of their sons killed in the wars. He listened, without comment, just sipping tea. I told him about the visit to Adasi with Arina. Then how I had seen the advertisement for the Rebuilding Adasi competition and how the thoughts all brought about the idea.

We chatted some more, discussing my designs and how they could be put into action., finances and everything. I really didn’t take it in as I was bowled over. The Captain looked at his watch “Oh my, the time has run away with me again. Well, Kip, welcome to my personal staff I am looking forward to seeing this project come to life. Anything you need, anything I can do to help you – just ask.”

And now I am stood here in Adasi, in the barrack house. Soon my team would be here. For now, I just sat on the remains of a wall recalling Arina’s words as she urged me to get an education. “Is this what you meant, mum? Will it make a difference?”


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