Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Glass to Forget

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

In those early times without Gabbie, I was a bit daft and thought a bottle of red would take all the grief and anguish away rather than dealing with it. Yeah, it really didn’t work, but I guess part of the process. Now I don’t want to bury the memories in alcohol but enjoy them as they bring her close to me and put a smile on my face. Love doesn’t die, it finds a way.

Glass to Forget
Form: Blues Stanza
Theme: Love

Take away the sorrow within
Empty my mind of the sorrow within
I have no reason to grin
In a glass to make me feel good
Sipping the liqueur I should feel good
To stop the tears if only I could
An empty room echoes with why
Another glass no answers to why
Sipping red wine with tears to cry
Another bottle to forget
The love I can never forget
And as I drink my cheeks get wet
Red wine doesn’t stop the lonely night
It makes no difference I miss you tonight
For loving you made me right
Now I close my eyes and let my senses think
And it’s ok to let it go and think
Of our times I don’t want to lose in drink
The pain of loss I had to face
To open my mind to see your face
To feel our love in all its grace
Red red wine and love so true
This power of love that is so true
Until we’re one again, I miss you


2 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Glass to Forget

  1. Wonderful Jez, I love a glass or two of red wine – it’ brings on that sigh of relief as I relax at the end of a busy day.
    Oh, and I enjoyed listening to your appropriate song choice, a blast from the past. Thank you, Jez.

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