Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Landlocked Pirate

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

This prompt and PotC playing on my playlist – that’s got the imagination going better than any coffee. So I will let it run and see where it goes…

Landlocked Pirate
Form: Free Verse

Toes dipping and dangling into clear blue
sunshine ripples reflecting like glass
are they echoes of the things I’ve done
the things I’ve not done
returning to haunt me
should I send out messages of
‘I’m sorry, maybe next time’
or bottle them all up until my return
this is not my last chance
to navigate the waters of living
defending my reasons to be
but I am a landlocked pirate
and messages caught in bottles
don’t travel far in glass bottomed pools
and Davy Jones don’t keep his locker
here in the crystal blue
so slipping in to the waters
as the ripples bind my flesh and bones
the only gold the sun light
I think today I will swim
for to sink for treasure needs more
than Jack Sparrow’s rum


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