Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Rio

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue ad GC

It is true we creative types need someone we can trust to give us honesty, good or bad, about the things we create. For me, that person has to have the ability to over ride my biggest critic – and that is me. It takes someone special to do that – and I think a sonnet is in order. I think they know who they are

Form: American Forte Sonnet

The one who keeps me going when I can’t
And sees through my darkness to see me shine
Don’t give up, Mister, and I know I shan’t
Because for her I’ll make my art divine
From the depths of hell to words sweet as wine
Just to see her thumbs-up, that job is mine
From words to strokes of paint I want her smile
One more edit to go the extra mile
Can art and poetry really beguile
To take her mind to where sea breezes blow
Yet still, I question is it worth her while
To sail with me where poetic seas flow
And for this sonnet her name is Rio
Though it’s not, but it rhymes and nicely so


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