Simply 6 Minutes – Someone’s Fool

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

I listen to music while I am writing and by complete chance Pink Floyd were doing their thing when I opened Christine’s post. I guess my subject is going to be bricks then, who am I to argue? Here goes…

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Someone’s Fool
Form: American Libre Sonnet
Theme: Love
Subject: Bricks

Around my heart the wall of shattered dreams
Each brick concealing another broken shard
As sharps as diamonds lost within my screams
Once beautiful love now painful and hard
Each one evidence I let down my guard
Allowing my heart to be deeply scarred
“Never again” so oft I hear me say
And yet another brick to block the way
Beneath my skin to where my senses play
Desire easily overrides my mind
So rebuilding those walls without delay
Now by the pain of love my soul defined
And I think it’s time to let the head rule
For in love my heart is just someone’s fool

Word Count: 107
Time: 12 minutes 30 seconds


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