Picture for Women by Jeff Wall

Picture for Women by Jeff Wall

Picture for Women
Cibachrome transparency mounted on a lightbox
The Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

In his photograph “Picture for Women” Wall continues his investigation of the 19th-century painting within a contemporary photograph. The photograph depicts a reflection of a sparse studio room simply furnished with metallic office-style chairs and a worktable. Following traditional aesthetic rules of photography, the picture is divided into thirds and balances the composition vertically and horizontally. In one third a woman is standing resting her hands on a bar or long table confronting the viewer. In another third Wall’s camera brings a centre point to the image. In the last third stands Wall himself with his body facing the camera whilst his face is looking at the woman. He is holding the shutter release cable confirming his authorship of the photograph.

Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall
Conceptual Art, Modern Photography
Born: 29 September 1946, Vancouver, Canada
Nationality: Canadian

Wall is an artist best-known for his large-scale back-lit Cibachrome photographs and writings on art history. Vancouver’s natural beauty, urban decay, and post-modern industrial featurelessness often form the backdrop for Wall’s photographic collages and tableaux

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