Salon Hödler by Louise Lawler

Salon Hödler by Louise Lawler

Salon Hödler
Paperweight (silver dye bleach print, crystal, felt)
Metro Pictures, New York, USA

“Salon Hödler” is an example of how Lawler recirculates her earlier photographs by presenting them in varying alternative forms and allows the viewer to become aware of the evolving nature of the image in both meaning and how it is viewed. Presented within a half-orb made of glass similar to a paperweight. Focussing attention on an empty room in the salon of a Swiss art collector with two paintings by Ferdinand Hödler Lawler’s concentrated gaze the artworks are flattened by the camera.

Louise Lawler

Louise Lawler
The Pictures Generation, Institutional Critique, Conceptual Art, Appropriation Art
Born: 1947, New York, USA
Nationality: American

Lawler is an artist and photographer. She is considered to be part of the Pictures Generation and is renowned for her work that focuses on photographing portraits of other artists’ work, especially the spaces they are placed in and the methods used in their creation.

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