Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Saw

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

Every year I meet up with one of my friends for a day out doing something totally bonkers. In 2010 it was Saw at Thorpe Park. The rules are simple, each year we take it in turns to choose an activity; it has to be out of the safety box and preferably totally insane. We have jumped out of planes, bungee jumped, and many other ‘you must be out of your tiny minds’ stuff. It was her year to choose what we did, she chose this and I actually hate rollercoasters, I am terrified of them so this was a real challenge. We did it, we didn’t die. Here goes…

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893. Multimedia on cardboard. National Gallery and Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

Form: Paulo Comitatu Sonnet

The queues were so long that day
And we stood gulping fear
The screams all we could hear
Our dread hidden in cheer
The queue moved and its all one way
Committed to the ride
Waiting, no place to hide
Such fear, I think I cried
Our turn, darkness making us stay
A crack; a closing bolt
A power surging volt
We both felt the sharp jolt
Into the light and we are climbing high
My thoughts, ‘this is it we’re going to die!’


13 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Saw

          1. My friend’s dad had a Harley Davidson and at the side of his house he created a motor cycle museum. When he died a few years ago at the age of eighty five, his coffin was transported by a motorbike and specially adapted sidecar. It was followed by other bikes. What a wonderful sight. 🙂

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            1. A friend of mine is an undertaker and one of his vehicles is a Triumph with side-car, and a biker funeral here while back had a 200 bike cortage – that was amazing to be part of

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                  1. My late husband asked for a traditional church funeral and traditional hymns. His friend, an undertaker organised everything.

                    I’ve decided it makes no difference how it’s done. Only stipulation I have is… if lots of people attend, then give them some damn good rousing hymns to sing, NO traditional sad funeral hymns. Simple loose flowers , no over the top tackiness such as spelling out a name such as MUM or Nan! Far too fussy.
                    When you’re gone, you’re gone, the show’s over, no need for a showy exit. Though I do understand how some people prefer to plan and have a last bit of control.


                    1. Stopping people sending flowers for Gabbie – she wanted one single white rose on her casket – was tough to do as people prefer to send flowers than donate to a cause. I think making her own arrangements, and she insisted on that, gave her something to do and whilst not really a distraction from her illness. I do think it gave her something.

                      Mine is pre-planned and pre-paid – last thing my kids need is a huge funeral bill.

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                    2. I love Gabby’s idea of a single rose. I understand her need to plan and have some control, it was the only thing she could control.

                      I’m so sorry you lost her.

                      Graham’s coffin just had a spray of lilies and my kids and I carried a single rose. We had a church service first and then we laid our roses on his coffin and with just the family we went to the crematorium.

                      Like you we asked for donations. We received two lots of flowers from those who lived abroad and donations were left at the back of the church, plus some online and later we dropped off the donations at the office of Cancer Research UK which is based at our city Cancer hospital.

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