Writephoto – Take a Chance

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

Kip is exploring the plot of what will be a peaceful garden of remembrance. These are his thought, Kip wants things to fit for the ultimate queen, his mama. Here goes…

Chapel – Image by KL Caley

Take a Chance
Flash Fiction

Work was well underway on the barrack building and I had taken to having my lunch in what was to be a peaceful place of remembrance. Today was no different really except the Captain had requested a more detailed plan of the garden of remembrance be sent to him at Sintergan.

So far all the work we had done over the last months had been a matter of removing debris and invading plant life – nature had started to take over the building, Now the real planning could begin. The Captain wanted to start with the garden, which had thrown me completely. So I called him the day I got the request for clarification.

“So many people are grieving their loved ones, Kip. Getting the garden ready will give them somewhere to be and to remember” the Captain said. “And like you, I think that is important, possibly the most important aspect of your idea.”

“Yes, you are right,” I replied. “We all know the history, people matter now.”

So here I am looking at a plot of land as if it is a blank canvas for the first time. My eyes crossed slowly over the grass seeing beds of flowers, shrubbery, and statuary with a meandering pathway leading to what was a rather unloved and neglected chapel.

Neglected, the surveyors had checked it out and there was little chance to saving it. The lack of maintenance had left the old building in a sorry state. Of course, protecting the country had taken priority and for all those years no money had been available to touch up.

I put on my hard hat and walked into the building. I’m not a religious man but I had hoped to keep the building and with renovation create a spiritual space for remembering or reconnecting with loved ones. I’m not a religious man, but Arina had held a deep faith so more importantly to me, I wanted to create a space she would have cherished.

It was sat in the middle of this space drawing up two plans, costing them up as I went. One involved leveling the plot completely and replacing the old wreck with a modern building styled for its intended use.

The other involved restoring this building, making the crumbling decaying walls safe, replacing the roof, and replacing what was once an altar with a memorial for the men and women who sacrificed their lives. It was going to be far more expensive to achieve than the modern plan but I could feel Arina’s approval.

A few days later I submitted the plans to the Captain. I must have been crazy as it was going to cost a massive amount of money, I hit the send button and wished I’d gone with the modern building. Perhaps my career would be over before it had really started but for Arina it was worth it.


4 thoughts on “Writephoto – Take a Chance

  1. Such a beautiful addition to the Kip saga. Raven. I really loved that they made use of the old buildings (and I particularly love when they do that in real-life, I have a soft spot for these old places). Thank you so much for another fabulous #writephoto entry. KL ❤

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