Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Speckled Glass

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Poetry is often reflective writing whether that is personal reflection or reflections on an event or aspect of history. For me as a poet, I have certainly used poetry to address and focus on aspects of life and the living of it. It may be buried deep in something else but nonetheless writing it has been one way of reflecting and clarifying things. Here goes…

Speckled Glass
Form: Pentastich

I watched as Alice chased a tardy rabbit
and listened as the queen demanded to be the fairest of all
and wondered as she poisoned the apple
how jealousy enraged her to kill
just what was in that old mirror
I stared into the speckled glass
even a mirror shows its true age
as always the demon with grey eyes
stared back with twisted torment
and glared right back like a wild brat
I heard her voice calling me
‘my darling what are you looking at?
Tell me, what do you see?’
I covered that glass with a dust sheet
‘Nothing, Grandma, nothing at all’
Later as we sat drinking tea
I asked if mirrors told lies
‘I wished they did then
I’d still be beautiful’ she said
and I sighed ‘you are beautiful to me’
Grandma smiled, dunking her shortbread
And she said ‘the mirror may lie
but some reflections do not
for the eyes of child see truth
revealed in their innocence’


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