Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Destination Unknown

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge, thank you Sue and GC

This is one of those prompts that I see with a sinking feeling as I don’t want to write that stuff, but I know I will. As a dear friend says it might help someone so that makes it okay, right? No form with these types of writing they have to be free to be. Here goes…

Destination Unknown
Form: Free Verse

He sat there
a pink bandana on his head
the starting point of a journey
without a map
with no destination
he sat there
his voice speaking
his thoughts being revealed
for the first time he could talk
not baby words
but the words of aman
taking his first tentative steps
into the unknown world of transition
but he wanted to do it alone
without the opinions
without the judgments
and without discrimination
he wanted his journey to be his alone
and has he answered more questions
each answer a step in his direction
his path forming behind him not ahead
as each step forward was into the unknown
Tunnels of darkness
meandering around
going in circles
travelling up and down
like a cart on a rollercoaster ride
high points the mile stones of getting there
before crashing back down into the abyss
into the dark tunnels
of frustration and pain
anguish and depression
hormones raging into the insanity
puberty and menopause at the same time
where all he can do is cry
before snarling with rage
when will this end
He sat there
on the edge of the bed
like a train at the station
this is not the final destination
but he needed to stop here
he sat there
looking out the window towards the sea
blue skies meeting blue waters
until he had to walk down
down the corridor
where he laid down and the world went black
bright lights of mid afternoon
tightly wrapped chest he wanted to breathe
they stood him up
and he shook seeing his feet
nothing blocking the view down
he sat there
there on the edge of the bed
unable to speak
just smiling his ecstasy
Confusion cascades in now what
where to go
what he should do
opinions pushing him into a corner
concerns that should never have mattered
calling his shots
as he sped into coma
burning with infection
and in the darkness
he knew he must stop
He sat there
his lips moving between the facial hair
speaking his words with gruff throaty tones
his voice deeper
as the train moves onward
to another stopping point
on the journey
blue jeans mingle with the other guys
looks like one of the crowd
now he’s on his own journey
a new destination further down the line
and it is still destination unknown


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