Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Going Green-ish

Inspired by and written for Writing Prompts Colour Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

Over the first half of this year my house mate and I have been taking stock and finding ways we can make our home and lives a bit more planet friendly. The changes we have made have had little impact on our lives unless you count a huge reduction in plastic wastage as we avoid single-use plastics as much as possible etc.

Going Green-ish
Form: Loose Sapphic with refrain

Planet earth is hurting because of the things
I do without thinking of the consequence
of each little impact of my living life
I can’t change the world
The world is in crisis but will turning out
a light before I got to bed really help
turning the TV off and not to stand-by
I can’t change the world
Plastic cartons filling up carrier bags
there must be another way, milk bottles on
the door-step and the plastic waste going down
I can’t change the world
The EPV instead of petrol fumes on
the garage forecourt and solid blocks that burn
bio-degradable fuel instead of coal
I can’t change the world
Insulated walls before scaffolding poles
with guys climbing up to the roof to fit
solar panels renewable electric
I can’t change the world
And no, I can’t change the world, I’m just one guy,
but I can change the way I live just a bit
to lessen my impact on my Mother Earth
I can’t change the world


19 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Going Green-ish

        1. Congrats on getting an air fryer – Mum bought me one for my birthday a couple of years ago – awesome bit of kitchen kit and air fried chicken is amazeballs. I think the once hallowed microwave is going to go bye bye as I haven’t used it in nearly a year. I only got a little galley kitchen so have to be strict.

          I honestly didn’t realise how much energy leaving things on stand-by uses. So everything but essentials gets turned off when not in use. Not only greener but reduces the dreaded bills.

          Solar panels go up in a couple of weeks, that will be a fun few days with scaffolding confusing Lilydog.


          1. Lol don’t envy you having the work done but it will help. …. The scaffolding is not so bad it’s the workmen you need to watch.
            Yes we are amazed at how much we had on standby and nowadays even Alexa is turned off until we need her!!

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            1. I do think its a step forward, and a decent use of some pennies I saved up for a wedding that didn’t happen – better investment too, let’s face it. The rep thinks we will produce more power than we use – we will see.

              Does Alexa get offended if you swear at her? I know my Google does – gets well sulky. one of those things my sons insist I need but I really don’t


                1. Yes the roof is still our property, not sure how it works as to the power it will generate yet, still trying to make sense of the that. All will be come clear when I get the proper gobbledygook, sorry user info


      1. We have oil, the gas pipes don’t come up as far as our place. Our heat is divided between oil fired under floor heating in some areas and radiators in others. We’re dreading the price of oil this winter.

        I have a kitchen log burner, and at my daughter’s side of the house they have a
        couple of open fireplaces.

        I think my kitchen is where I’ll be spending the winter.
        Thanks, Jez

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        1. My step-mum is oil for heating and the Aga, I know she is worried about the rising costs.

          We are open fire for heat and gas for water, the plan is to see out this winter as is, and see how the solar panelling performs – if it is doable we will go all electric. I never thought I would say that!!!

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    1. I don’t know if it is a problem as solar panerling adds value to the property. I will read the gobbledygook again. To put my head at rest mre than anything


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