Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Willow by the Stream

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Well, I am sure most have worked out I am a bit of a tree-hugger or a tree-whisperer, probably both. Over the years I have gotten to know the trees where I walk every day. They are like good friends, solid and reliable. In my beliefs, different trees tell us different things and are useful for making those decisions or actions related to that tree. Here goes…

Willow by the Stream
Form: Free Verse

Not so far away
you wait for me
knowing my heart is broken again
and I am feeling the pain
of mistaken love
you know I will come
seeking the gentle green tendrils
of your embrace by the stream
the whisper of your leaves comforting me
with your tips drifting on the ripples
flowing in the water
and I hear you whisper clearly now
‘let it go, my love, let it go’
and I feel the water dancing on my fingers
washing it away
taking the pain on its journey
until just a dull ache remains
emotions washed into fresh senses
discarding the meaningless things of the past
and I hear your whisper
‘the future is yours, my love, don’t look back’
beneath the boughs of solace
my willow by the stream
I see life begin to clear


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