Writephoto – Into the Trees

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you KL

Ooooh, that feels such a sacred and magical bit of glade. I am just going to let the old imagination run riot with it. Here goes…

Meeting – Image by KL Caley

Into the Trees
Form: Free Verse

Running into the darkness of trees
I hear her voice calling me
“come quickly, my love, come swift of foot,
come quickly, let me touch your soul”
and the old romantic story I have read
so many times before
the lines written on my heart
so I run into the trees
searching for love
for the meeting of mind, body and soul
for I know she is of my kind
a woman of the trees
a woman who can understand all that I am
and all that I am is hers
for she is the galaxy of shining stars
drawing me closer
into her universe
into the wonder of her arcane bliss
her ecstasy of lust in the shadows
“come to me, my lover”
and I kneel at the feet of my woodland nymph
letting roots entwine with my sinews
twisting my body to her desire
as one with the trees
we were never there


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