Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Pinprick of White

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

My daddy taught me from a young age that it is in the deepest darkness that our light shines brightest. As I have gotten old I have learned that means I shouldn’t fear stepping into my darkness to see my own truth in the light so I can get back on track. In effect, it is to face my fear. Here goes…

Pinprick of White
Form: Free Verse

A tremble rippling down my spine
and I know the time is coming
to take that turning into an unlit road
where no one can walk with me
the demons that are my questions
waiting and wanting answers
and I fight, refusing to go until
all I know is fear
feelings of afraid of I don’t know what
getting worse each time I turn my back
on blackness
blinding my eyes in the sunlight
unable to see
but even in the warm sun, I feel cold
it is time to lift my face to the sun
one last time
before turning to face my fear
eyes wide open staring into the darkness
for now, I am ready to understand
ready to walk through the tunnel of confusion
to walk towards the glimmer of enlightenment
the pinprick of white emergence
refreshed, rebuilt, reborn
understanding a little more


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