Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Fine Dining

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

If there is a reason I prefer buffet-style restaurants this is it. I really don’t like the fuss of having my meal waited, in fact, I can count the restaurants that are not buffet-style I feel okay in on one hand. I have concluded fine dining is not meant to be an enjoyable experience. Here goes…

Fine Dining
Form: Free Verse

He led us to a table, his nose in the air
then as we sat he presented menus
like a magician performing a card trick
and I’m asked to taste the contents of a freshly opened bottle
a sharp, refreshing white wine
and I say ‘it’s good’ and he proceeds to fill the glasses
as I wonder what if it had been vile
would I have dared say
would I have dared to disturb the pompous smirk on his face
from the kitchen comes a guy
swishing his hips with a board of bread rolls
‘please, may I introduce our in-house bread of the day’
and I’m still waiting for the one called ‘Fred’
as plates of art are set in place
all very pretty
it’s food for the eye but not enough to taste
he comes back with his nose even higher
‘is everything to your satisfaction?’
and I think ‘I’ll let you know when I have tasted it’
but I say ‘ everything is fine’ instead
and so it goes until the dessert
the marble-sized balls of ice cream on a biscuit
with a delicate swirl of cream
and after the fine dining, we pay the bill
before heading to a Chinese takeaway
to get some dinner


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