Salvatore Mundi by Leonardo Da Vinci

Salvatore Mundi1500High RenaissanceOil on wood panelLouvre, Abu Dhabi, UAE It is probable that Salvatore Mundi was commissioned by King Louis XVII of France following his 1499 conquest of Milan. The painting portrays Christ in the role of saviour of the world and master of the cosmos. To reflect this da Vinci uses such as the … Continue reading Salvatore Mundi by Leonardo Da Vinci


Always looking in a mirror and preening Your vanity is beyond any compare Always your job, your hobbies, your everything...

El Khasné, Petra by Frederic Edwin Church

El Khasné, Petra1874RomanticismOil on canvasOlana State Historic Site, New York Church created several paintings following his travels across the Middle East during late 1860s and early 1870s. Capturing the vista of El Khasné in a dramatic glimpse of the neoclassical columns Petra emerging from the towering dark avenues of stone the revelation of the façade … Continue reading El Khasné, Petra by Frederic Edwin Church

I Am My Own Muse

Artist: Frida Kahlo Born: 6 July 1907, Mexico City, Mexico Nationality: Mexican Movement: Naïve art, Modern art, Surrealism, Magical Realism, Symbolism, Naturalism, Primitivism, Social realism, Cubism Died: 13 July 1954, Mexico City, Mexico...

Valhalla by Blind Guardian

High in the sky Where eagles fly Morgray the dark Enters the throne Open wide the gate, friend The king will come Blow the horn and praise The highest Lord Who'll bring the dawn He's the new god In the palace of steel Persuade the fate of everyone The chaos can begin Let it in...

Promised Kisses

A Garret Poet

Form: Limerick

Oh love of mine when the dawn awakes
my promised kisses are yours to take
in the first golden light
as we seal our loving night
your gentle heart I will never break.

Dear lady you are all I desire
come fill my dreams of love with your fire
and I will sate your needs
with all my words and deeds
and serenade you with ancient lyre.

We'll share the joy we find along the way
and as we shed the fear of yesterday
to embrace the future's hope
we are joined by love's rope
to be one, forever and a day


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Glorionic Sonnet Notes

Created by Gloria MartinStructure: Octet and a sestetMeter: decasyllabic or pentameterSchema: aabbbccc ddedee. Example Black Rose Petals by Jez Farmer As I lay the black roses on your graveI no longer feel I am strong and braveAs winds blows emptiness again todayIt feels like living is so far awayAnd my tears fall where the dark … Continue reading Glorionic Sonnet Notes

Japanese Sonnet Notes

Created by Jose Rizal M ReyesStructure: Quatrain, sestet and quatrainMeter: each line is a haikuSchema: aaaa bbbbbb aaaa Example Sakura Memories by Jez Farmer Sweet scented petals descend on the breeze; fragrant farewell,Memories entwine in rivers of tears; love cannot dispelDark clouds obscure the future and the sun in living hell?Temple chimes echo sounds of … Continue reading Japanese Sonnet Notes

Storm of Death

Form: Quatrains The air tastes fresh and clean after the stormWith skies still violent red in nature’s rage.As clouds gather into a thunderous swarmWe rush to seek shelter from the carnage. Who sees the butterfly, she’s lost alone,A flutter of wings as rain starts once more.She is battered by speed of the cycloneCrushed, she falls … Continue reading Storm of Death

Die Forelle by Franz Schubert Die Forelle1817Romantic Franz SchubertClassical, RomanticBorn: 31 January 1797, Vienna, AustriaNationality: AustrianDied: 19 November 1828,, Vienna, Austria Schubert was a composer of the late Classical and early Romantic eras. He left behind a cast oeuvre despite his short life, including over 600 secular vocal works, 7 symphonies, sacred music, and a large collection of piano … Continue reading Die Forelle by Franz Schubert

Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi Nabucco1841Opera Giuseppe VerdiOperaBorn: 10 October 1813, Le Roncole, ItalyNationality: ItalianDied: 27 January 1901, Milan, Italy Verdi was an opera composer; born to a provincial family of moderate means he developed a musical education with help of a local patron. He dominated the Italian opera scene after the era of Vincenzo Bellini, Gioachino, Rossini, and … Continue reading Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi

Cypress Tree

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 1 Paint that spirals from the brush tells a taleFrom his eye the image his holy grailAs the turbulent clouds churn up the skyThe golden heads of wheat quiver and callTo where the shady green cypress trees sighOf an artist’s longing in the landscapeAnd he walks for miles to find nature’s viewWithin … Continue reading Cypress Tree

Grammarian Sonnet Notes

Created by Jose Rizal M. ReyesStructure: alternate quintains and coupletsMeter: decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: abbba cc deeed ff Example The Rabbit and the Warrior by Jez Farmer As springtide comes amid the ancient stoneA warrior stands alone as he seeksThe old one with whom holy wisdom speaksAs across the skies the setting sun streaksA white … Continue reading Grammarian Sonnet Notes

Die Tageszeiten by Georg Philipp Telemann Die Tageszeiten1757Baroque Georg Philipp TelemannBaroqueBorn: 14 March 1681, Magdeburg, GermanyNationality: GermanDied: 25 June 1767, Hamburg, Germany Telemann was a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He became a composer against his family’s wishes and was almost self-educated musically. Before settling in Hamburg in 1721 as a musical director of the city’s five main churches, he held important … Continue reading Die Tageszeiten by Georg Philipp Telemann

Beginnings by Kenneth Noland

Beginnings1958Colour field PaintingMagna on canvasHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., USA Beginnings, on a perfectly square canvas, Noland places concentric circles, thus marking the artist’s first attempts at basic forms and archetypal patterns. The circles are slightly irregular which may or may not have been intentional in its effect. The colours complement or contrast … Continue reading Beginnings by Kenneth Noland

Dada Bowl by Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Dada Bowl1916DadaVarnished/Lacquered WoodMuseum of Modern Art, New York, USA With this almost-minimal object of turned wood Taeuber-Arp demonstrates the possibilities of infusing a functional every day thing with a radical aesthetic. Using the nascent Dada strategy she attacks the bourgeois sensibilities of the corrupt world to the decorative arts. The Dada Bowl straddles boundaries. It … Continue reading Dada Bowl by Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Repeat and Reverse by Josef Albers

Repeat and Reverse1963BauhausStainless steel on concreteArt and Architecture Building, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut Albers created the Repeat and Reverse sculpture at the request of Paul Rudolph, the architect of the Art and Architecture Building at Yale University. Albers used a simple arrangement of steel bars to produce a three-dimensional illusion of planes that seemingly … Continue reading Repeat and Reverse by Josef Albers

Soul Secrets

Form: John Tee Sonnet Where shards of light entwine with flowing streams,The magic sings with breezy willow treesWhile lovers hide beneath the rustling greenTheir wedding bed an old moss-covered stoneA secret place behind a weeping veilAnd love whispers with the water's laughterWhere shards of light entwine with flowing streams,The magic sings with breezy willow treesWe … Continue reading Soul Secrets


A Garret Poet

Form: Quintilla

Last night dancing the tiles all red
Our feet talking more than words said
Glasses overflowing with wine
Until we were ready for bed
Those drunken senses felt divine

Now when does the hangover stop
When does the brain cease going pop
A grinding mill inside the mind
And the missus is in a strop
The morning after thus defined

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Jamie’s Song

A Garret Poet

Form: Kyrielle

We walked through the gilded gateway
Towards the moonlit castle keep
Without a word, nothing to say
Here where the black-winged dragons sleep

As silent as Death's last whisper
We slowly move in the night creep
The night singed, her breath crisper
Here where the black-winged dragons sleep

And we fall to our knees inside
The door before her eyes can weep
In silver light no place to hide
Here where the black-winged dragons sleep

The moon sparkles upon her wings
The power of flight within their sweep
And we tremble over these things
Here where the black-winged dragons sleep

The fear that on our tongues we taste
In saline sweetness feel it seep
Like dark-robed children we make haste
Here where the black-winged dragons sleep

Too late! Leathered lids slowly rise
The flames of amber start to leap
In her eyes, her welcoming eyes
Here where the…

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Lovers’ Gin

A Garret Poet

Form: Limerick

While I was sat drinking lemonade
the winter's chilling sun started to fade
the calm before the storm
perhaps another dawn
found in fizzy dreams of lemonade.

A hazy moonlit beach then appeared
my senses numbing as I had feared
as a pretty girl winked
at me, I dare not blink
in case she then went and disappeared.

The summer bronze reflected on her skin
her jewel like eyes just drank me in
an orchid in my gaze
to banish winter days
and I was caught in a lover's gin

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Rondelet Notes

The Rondelet is a French form that turns on a refrain and has two rhymes. The first, third and seventh lines consist of four syllables and form the refrain. Lines two, fourth, fifth and sixth lines consist of eight syllables. The Rhyme scheme is AbAabbA Example Roasties Crunch by Jez Farmer A Sunday lunchWhile catching … Continue reading Rondelet Notes


Form: Free Verse In darkness my eyes staresearching outwardseeking inwardthe precious hours of sleepsleep the space the soul can regretsleep the place the body can restsleep the space the mind can forgetforget the painof being awake and rememberingreminiscent of lost dreams and stinging eyesstinging eyes that never sleepstinging eyes scared by endless tearsrefusing to close … Continue reading Sleepless

Rondeau Notes

The Rondeau can be a challenging form for the poet. Consisting of three stanzas, a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet, the first phrase of the first line, or the hole first line sets the refrain (R). The meter is eight syllable or ten syllable line, but it is the poet’s choice if that is … Continue reading Rondeau Notes



Afternoon Everyone,

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

In celebration of this weekend’s forthcoming Easter Celebrations, I’ve dug out this gem. It almost had a bit of the Cheshire cat feeling to it, disappearing into the hedgerow. Hopefully, you’ll have a bit of fun with it. Enjoy!

The vanishing rabbit by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a pair of comical glasses shaped like a rabbit’s ears and whiskers, the glasses are in a hedgerow.

The regulars already know this bit, but for those that don’t:

  • EachThursdayatNoon GMTI will post the #writephoto prompt
  • Use the image and prompt as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, as long as it is fairly family-friendly.
  • Please have your entries linked back to the original prompt post by the followingTuesdayatNoon…

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French Sonnet Notes

French Sonnet IStructure: Octave and sestetMeter: Octasyllabic or iambic tetrameterRhyme Schema: abbaabba ccdccd Example On the Way Down by Jez Farmer In darkness whispers kept talking to meAnd whispers echoed around in my mindA growling roar that once was far behindIn the realms of a childhood fantasyThose days before my soul walked strong and freeWhen … Continue reading French Sonnet Notes

My Hedonism

Form: Epistle To you who inspires my wicked dreams As you wonder why I do not seek physical satisfaction within the games of sensual desire we play the hedonist in me knows there is still so much more to explore. In essence I want to leave our love making overwhelmed by the future desires, thinking … Continue reading My Hedonism

White Sails

Form: Italian Octave 2 The masts chatter casually on the breezeFrom where there have been to where they will goThe trials and tribulations that flowAnd how the ever-changing tides at easeAs the weather-worn hands tack to the windTo follow the stars to a distant landThe white sails on the course he had plannedAns time shines … Continue reading White Sails