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The Crossing – Spring Floods

Winter turned to spring and the snows thawed. The news was about floods back in the old country. I remembered those well. It all seemed so far away but as more estimates of people losing their lives to floods were reported my memories were all too clear. Here the land was soddened but not flooded … Continue reading The Crossing – Spring Floods

My Dying Day

The ambulance arrived too late today, Nothing could save me from the reaper’s hand. The time to pass into the spirit’s way, A new beginning, a different land. The car didn’t stop, it went right through me, No pain, just a thud, then I saw you there. The fear is cold, but I know I … Continue reading My Dying Day

Shelley’s Sonnet

Percy Bysshe Shelly seemed to have a fondness for interlocking stanzas, possibly a nod to French literature. In his sonnet, he follows the continental octave and sestet format, but he also links the first four lines into the second half of the octave, again the second half of the octave links into the first half … Continue reading Shelley’s Sonnet

Dance of the Furies by Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck

  https://youtu.be/vvVl15XXrOg Title: Dance of the Furies Date: 1776 Composer: Christoph Wilibald Ritter von Gluck Movement: Classical German 1714 - 1767 Christoph Wilibald Ritter von Gluck was a composer of Italian and French opera during the early classical era. With a series of radical works, including Orfeo ed Euridice, he broke into the stranglehold of … Continue reading Dance of the Furies by Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck