Fate by Ralph Waldo Emerson

That you are fair or wise is vain, Or strong, or rich, or generous; You must have also the untaught strain That sheds beauty on the rose. There is a melody born of melody, Which melts the world into a sea: Toil could never compass it; Art its height could never hit; It came never … Continue reading Fate by Ralph Waldo Emerson


Fishing in Twilight

As the setting sun charged the air the river cast its spell on me scarlet glimpses of reflections rolling past me sat on the grassy bank my eyes focussed on the tip of the carbon rod resting silently on its stand the stillness of time absorbing my mind my thoughts like the water drifting with … Continue reading Fishing in Twilight

Seat 20 B

Nancy’s job as a ticket inspector had its moments, few and far between, but it had them. For the last 2 years on a Monday to Friday evening the young blonde girl had sat in seat 20 of carriage B of the 19:52 train. Always seat 20, always carriage B and always the 19:52. Nancy … Continue reading Seat 20 B

Beymorlin Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Structure: Octet and sestet Rhyme Scheme: abbacddc efefgg Example: Last Kiss by Jez Farmer And before I die I recall the love I’m lost in faded dreams of youthful thought Like post-it notes that always came to nought Could be loves that only poets write of A kiss of good-bye when … Continue reading Beymorlin Sonnet


That deep part of me I share with you and only you a gift given by choice but not for free for it demands the highest love from you and from me given in honour to be held in trust for it is the soul that lives within me and grows stronger each day nurtured … Continue reading Dominance