You don’t see me you never see but I do. Silent eyes straying lazily over your curves teasing fingers reaching close but never touching. A kiss waxing poetic love on your lips my tongue just a whisper on your flesh. Then you begin to feel the torment and tease of rough leather curling around your … Continue reading Vision

Too Late?

The joys of spring are late in coming round As snowflakes scatter softly on the ground For winter's winds are holding back the light And earth must wait to feel the warming sun Despite the ever short'ning hours of night The essence of spring seems lost amid ice And voices moan about the cold and … Continue reading Too Late?

Bardic Sonnet

Created by: William Kenneth Keller Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet 1. The rhyme is to be internal cross rhyme, not end rhyme. This is formally known as interlaced rhyme. The interlaced rhymes should occur within the first 3 feet of the line. 2. Rather than end rhyme, the form employs a type of alliteration … Continue reading Bardic Sonnet