Wilted Roses 2

Worn are the faces of aged stone graves Sun, wind, and rain have beaten all to dust. Words lost to time in twilight’s damask waves

Wilted Roses 1

Our love died at the setting of the sun, As the day darkened along with the heart. Like unwinding string our embrace is undone

Ordinary Man

Is it pleasure, regret, anger or madness? No! It is all about power, absolute power, corruption complete. A guy like me with nothing, and no hope of anything in life....

My Poet Guide

Form: English Sonnet Dedicated to the Greenian Poet, Jeff Green of the Cricket I have a guide in poetry, I do! A poet guide who sees me right and true. No spirit he, so real. A friend in word,

Illusionary Skies

Form: English Sonnet The stars glisten between billowing clouds, Flirting with the mists of my silent dream. Floating in the illusion of mystic shrouds

Exam Hell

Form: Couplets Months of work coming to a final test, three-hour papers in hot rooms, it’s no jest. Classics, linguistics, fine art, all for me,


Form: Quatrains Love, a state of contradiction and such, a world of deep joy, yet agony too. Is it enough or could it be too much?

Lonely Place

Form: English Sonnet The reflections of early summer sun, Glistens again on my windows this year, They blend invisibly ready for fun

Gang Rule

Form: Curtal Sonnet The three black cats that live by my Nan Gang up at dusk and strut about looking tough