Exam Hell

Form: Couplets Months of work coming to a final test, three-hour papers in hot rooms, it’s no jest. Classics, linguistics, fine art, all for me,


Living in Hell

Form: Free Verse No warning, just attack my senses. Anger and rage


Form: Quatrains Love, a state of contradiction and such, a world of deep joy, yet agony too. Is it enough or could it be too much?

FA Cup Final 2008

Form: Quatrains My lads are both Portsmouth boys, and today they are full of football joys. Portsmouth have won the cup to their loudest cheers

Lonely Place

Form: English Sonnet The reflections of early summer sun, Glistens again on my windows this year, They blend invisibly ready for fun

Gang Rule

Form: Curtal Sonnet The three black cats that live by my Nan Gang up at dusk and strut about looking tough