She Sings My Soul

The keys that hold the secret sounds of art To please the soul with the beauty of song Each note touching love while we are apart

Risky Business

Life is choosing the chances we take weighing up the pros and cons is the risk worth the pain


The pleasure of feeding your hunger and need In your moment of want and sensual greed With her mind floating on your unclipped wings

Jigsaw Puzzle

I stare at the pieces for one to fit A broken picture and nothing is clear Impatience waiting for one to appear

Just One Night

In the vague morning light I look at you And question the lust of the night before I look at you and I see nothing new...

Hiding Place

A secret shared in sweeping view Mixed with rhymes at the end of lines What else can a poet so do

Misnomer No More

They can’t or won’t see tears I’ve cried The angst behind the eyes of fear When calling it out I’m denied

Love is Victory

I hear them say that love is mortal sin If that is the case, I accept my fate A curse that’s made at a devil’s chagrin

Fireside Tales

Should the eyes stretch to see a star While thoughts are caught out by the night Or a moment taken too far

Fashion Parade

Form: Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet Smiles are infectious, a beautiful pox Styles may change but a smile will never fail To set a mark in the high fashion stakes


Form: Raven's Rovi Sonnet 25 The ocean’s kisses ripple on the shore Setting the rhythm for my love to dance And my heart is lost in the silent awe

The Erotes: Himeros

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 23 Himeros – the god of sexual desire and unrequited love I asked to dance in the grace of your heart And so I danced, and you pulled us apart This, the want of a god I could not hide


Form: Epistle My Heart, for my heart pulsates with your name Hearing you speak is the music of my soul like birdsong in the pale light of a spring morning

Silent Mask

Form: Ballad Stanzas Prompt: Taste the rainbow My confused mind hidden by fear With questions never asked Never daring to say the words

Raven’s Wings

Form: Hir a Thoddaid The snow falls softly on this winter night As the magical dreams begin their flight In the darkness the world of inner sight

Edge of Twilight 11 – Unexpected Guests

Edge of Twilight 11 – Unexpected Guests The sun glistened on the lower limbs of the forest trees. Inside the wolf lair there was a kerfuffle in the main room. Six wolves stared at the two figures in the dim light. Brach turned to his mate. ‘Achak, wake up the Young Vixen’

Summer Solstice

Form: Epistle Oh my sweet, as the sun lingers in stillness on this longest day I am sat quietly in this in-between time. On one side the magic of love