Good Morning

Voices that sing in perfect harmony as sweet as any heavenly choir and the light so golden it is as pure as any wedding band while a blade of grass dances with the elegance of a ballerina and so shall my spirit greet a new day to sing with the birds as they chorus and … Continue reading Good Morning

Autumn’s Song

The sweet perfection of nature held within an acorn’s dark shiny shell marking the end of seasons with the promise of rebirth in the harvest a gathering of sustenance survival and new life gathered in the bread of hope the future of destiny in the circle that never ends © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free … Continue reading Autumn’s Song

The Boss

She stretches at the end of my bed no sound, she wants no fuss the one-eyed blink that says ‘I need more sleep Just go away’ and all is still again and I write in the silence of a Sunday afternoon as hours pass she does not move just sleeps until her internal dinner gong … Continue reading The Boss

I Think of You

I think of you every song on the radio whispers your name and I’m kissing you as the earth drifts away into desert heat I look into your eyes searching for my oasis the respite to quench my thirst like rain on a summer’s day and all because I think of you   © JG … Continue reading I Think of You

The Sea

From the gentle lapping waves on a quiet beach to the raging tempest crashing on to land I crave the power of the sea Tidal changes reflecting the provenance of the moon energies ebbing and flowing in lunar cycle I crave the power of the sea Ripples and mighty waves changing the shape of stone … Continue reading The Sea


My pulse is racing my fingers tracing the curve of her spine enticing me with words to go a bit further discover her story beneath the sheets to find the history she’s shrouded in mystery as she enchants me to read between the lines of her intimacy and so I turn the page of a … Continue reading Seduction

A Sock

Just a sock lying there on the shattered ground calling out to humanity questioning the declaration that all is fair in love and war where is fairness in a life just started snatched by the bombs of belief that one cause has more value than another a child’s sock tattered and stained lying where the … Continue reading A Sock

On the Night Wind

1am. The world is silent my thoughts entombed in silence expressed on the screen in never ending lines of desire. Fingers dancing on keys to the music of imaginations and visualisations that play out in my mind where you are beside me and I can feel your lips caressing my skin. The muse she is … Continue reading On the Night Wind

As the Crow Flies

A simple painting that stirs emotions as I cast my eyes on to the beauty of her flight each delicate brushstroke capturing the essence of liberty the wondrous freedom on the wing and I remember the day you gave her to me of love shared in secrecy too many secrets as love could never be … Continue reading As the Crow Flies

Fishing with Sam

From behind a dark cloud the moon glimpses a bright spark to light the night while the bats fly out to feed rising and falling across the path and I look out into the intimacy of the sweet darkness catching your shadow playing guitar by the fire your voice singing that song breaking the silence … Continue reading Fishing with Sam

Morning Goodbye

Waking up with you but my heart didn’t want to wake up yet I didn’t want to say goodbye yet to hold on to the wonder of lustful love a little longer as I feel you soft sleeping breath draw over my chest a brief moment before your eyes open to kiss me goodbye leaving … Continue reading Morning Goodbye


The day started with the joy of living in the golden rays of the summer sun the future a vibrant vista of brilliant brightness and then we saw it the lifeless corpse on the roadside another victim of the fast-moving world another death unnoticed by a speeding car destiny wiped out in a moment and … Continue reading Evaluation

Turn Of The Head

With a turn of the head a bereavement as emotions erupt into intense sorrow alone in an instant unlike this poem grief is not brief when nothing can console the tears © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free Verse


Recalling the nights of leather caressing leather I held you between my thighs as I straddle your curves controlling your throbbing power while my feet barely touched the ground as we moved together pulling you back and keeping it slow then letting you growl and speed through the darkness then pulling you back to slow … Continue reading Leather

Sound Bite Politics

Government of austerity with a minor majority unheard voices shout “TORY SCUM OUT” feet pounding on a city streets a pulsing rhythm echoed line by line we’re in it together disabled men vilified for serving the state in the wars of political chaos words, meaningless and empty another broken promise in a manifesto of lies … Continue reading Sound Bite Politics

After Armageddon

Where footsteps once roamed beside stark reminders of civilization amongst the wild woodland the cold clarity of time passing flows through the autumn kissed trees only nature remains to recall the past reflected in dark polluted pools echoes rejected in the ripples of a raindrop yet nature remembers all the same in the golden glow … Continue reading After Armageddon

Political Suidae

The hallowed grounds of education defiled by excesses of greed and privilege on the pathway to Westminster as doting parents pay for their offspring to be the great and the good doting parents who handed the child to nanny while they played at high society no shame in revelation it’s all part of the game … Continue reading Political Suidae

Sighs of Longing

As night falls I feel the cold darkness embracing my heart the darkness once my sweet comfort now echoes the emptiness I feel without you The crisp coldness of linen covered pillows playing with my hair catch the sighs of longing the gentle breeze of your breathing on my chest The mask that fools the … Continue reading Sighs of Longing


Thoughts lost in frothy coffee cup While hoping to be homeward bound Spiraling emotions catch up Thoughts lost in frothy coffee cup So fast there is no keeping up Memories echo without sound Thoughts lost in frothy coffee cup While hoping to be homeward bound Where body and soul can rest up Thoughts lost in … Continue reading Cappuccino


An old photograph echoes love caught in time long ago when I held you for the first time a moment as precious now as it was then for time can change all things but love © JG Farmer 2016 Form: Free Verse