The White Stag

Beside the dreamy streams he stands alone, The fires of lightning sparking in his eye, As the white stag comes to the sacred stone The Sun-god smiles wherever ravens fly, Like a mountain reaching for misty sky Proudly stands the chief of the Mabogni His battles fought, in peace dwells Lord of grain Through summer … Continue reading The White Stag


As the winter skies darken And black storms howl the arcane Heed red clouds and harken The Sun King greets us again Dark nights intimidating A world of change awaiting Turn of seasons predating Winter’s winds breath abaiting On Solstice night he’s reborn Decked in green and holly thorn The festive colours adorn Fireside merriment … Continue reading Nadolig

The Choice

My Lady taught me well beneath the sky That mine is not to fear eternal flame For fear won’t lead me to her realm’s divine. To fear her words and never ask her why Condemns my soul with no one else to blame As choices made, they must truly be mine. Yet if I hunger … Continue reading The Choice


Summer’s End turns November And autumn turns to winter While the sprits remember As in the fires logs splinter The veil no more intervenes Between the dead and living And the circle reconvenes Then and now in thanksgiving In dance and song celebrate Beginning the year anew Divining runes calculate And to days past bid … Continue reading Tachwedd

Summer Bright

Her light dancing above the summer air To leave a warming kiss upon the trees And as the night recalls a winter’s breath So Belisama sends a sun-filled glow. Deep in the forest where it’s dark as night Her brightness falls between the leafy shrouds To lead our thoughts beneath our exposed skin And deep … Continue reading Summer Bright

Stag King

He comes so silent through the forest trees, I thought he was borne of the misty air His antlers proud against long flowing hair And I wondered if he could see me freeze. The setting sun was fading, he stood there, And I could see blazing fire in his eyes As he raised his head … Continue reading Stag King

Spirits Meet

In circle centre spirits meet above, below, within, with age-old words I call and greet and will they enter in. In scented air, purify me to serve at her command, in flames of fire, sanctify me may I meet her demand. Fresh waters of the mountain stream to wash away my fear, the Earth beneath … Continue reading Spirits Meet

Song Of Nature

The song of nature’s birth is all around, Through all of time its music calls to us, It’s sung in the stars and the earthly ground A song of love that none can e’er succuss. In our prayers and ritual of sacred praise, We call the Sun upon the Earth to gaze From green hilled … Continue reading Song Of Nature