The Edge of Twilight 13 – If Nothing Else, There’s Tea

The Young Vixen and the Old Fox sat at the lair entrance staring into the forest and the sunset. ‘It’s almost like old times,’ said the Old Fox


Edge of Twilight 12 – Gathering the Pack

Edge of Twilight 12 – Gathering the Pack Brach's pack is gathered and Rigby has some explaining to do.

Edge of Twilight 11 – Unexpected Guests

Edge of Twilight 11 – Unexpected Guests The sun glistened on the lower limbs of the forest trees. Inside the wolf lair there was a kerfuffle in the main room. Six wolves stared at the two figures in the dim light. Brach turned to his mate. ‘Achak, wake up the Young Vixen’

The Edge of Twilight 10 – Introductions

The Edge of Twilight 10 - Introductions As the small group of travellers approached a clearing in the forest it was an awestruck Young Vixen who seemed lost in her thought, she didn’t notice the majestic grey-furred male wolf waiting at the far side watching them.

The Edge of Twilight – The Journey

The Edge of Twilight – The Journey The sun had barely risen above Woodland Trails when Bel and the Old Fox gently woke the sleeping Young Vixen. The elegant figure of Zuzu was sat in the parlour sipping tea and waiting.

The Edge of Twilight 8 – Old Fox Returns

The Edge of Twilight 8 – Old Fox Returns It was late in the evening when the Old Fox returned. He entered Bel’s kitchen and was immediately hushed by Bel. ‘Let her sleep,’ Bel whispered, nodding her head towards the Young Vixen sleeping in the chair by the fire.

Edge of Twilight 6 – Gone Missing

Edge of Twilight 6 – Gone Missing The next day the Young Vixen was woken by the sharp knocking at her door. As she opened it three boisterous cubs rushed past her and she saw Vanda standing there, her face weary with worry. ‘Come in,’ said the Young Vixen.

Edge of Twilight 5 – The Photoshoot

The Young Vixen had managed to convince Bel to employ Vanda and Reynard. Bel had been unsure, but the Young Vixen had argued it would look more professional. In return she had promised to tempt the Old Fox into joining them too. ‘He’d would look so dapper in some of her more gentlemanly fashions,’ Bel had said.

The Edge of Twilight 4 – TV and Pizza

The Edge of Twilight 4 – TV and Pizza The following day Si was sat in his plush leopard-print office, beneath what he called his penthouse flat which in fact was the two storeys above his photographic shop, watching re-runs of ‘The Dogs of Chaos’ on the floor to ceiling pencil thin plasma tv.

Edge of Twilight 3 – The Young Vixen’s Dilemma

Edge of Twilight 3 – The Young Vixen’s Dilemma The words of the Masked Bandit haunted the Young Vixen in the days following their confrontation. In normal circumstances she would have talked things out with the Old Fox, hoping he would have some gem of wisdom to help her. This time she was under no illusions, if she told the Old Fox what Rigby Raccoon had said to her, he would be insistent she gave up her new job.

Edge of Twilight

Edge of Twilight Part 1 As they sat on the old wooden bench at the edge of twilight the Old Fox and the Young Vixen stared into the fading horizon. They snacked on pink sherbet popcorn and drank the remains of a bottle of alcohol-free wine.

Moving On

Flash Fiction - Romance A misty rain was falling making the amber street lights shimmer as the clubland folk started hustled through the town centre looking for a good time. I sheltered in a shop doorway opposite the cluster of pale-yellow lights that hung over the fountain and watched the water drops play while I waited for Kim to arrive.

Airs and Graces

Flash Fiction 350 - Fantasy Langstone Crescent had once been the elite part of town, where the privileged wealthy had set up home. Now, the once height of fashion homes looked shabby and rundown as the rest of the town. Still Margot Jennings tried to keep lofty standards and still considered herself a cut above the other inhabitants of the town.

A Night Out

Flash Fiction 350: Erotica Last night he had come to her call for help. He hadn’t said a word but drove her home in silence as she babbled the excuses for her presence at the pub on the wrong side of town. He had said it was a bad idea and she wasn’t to go but she did anyway.

Case Closed

Flash Fiction 350: Crime Two weeks ago, Tess White had been found dead in her parents’ apartment. She had come in late from a party complaining of feeling unwell. Her parents had assumed it was a result of too much alcohol.

The Middle Shoe

Flash Fiction 350 word limit Genre: Sci-fi It had been some years since they had started living among us. I was just a child when they first arrived and don’t really remember the transition of Earth being a human planet to a home to beings from many worlds. To me that was normal. In fact I loved the diversity.

Notches on the Wall

Flash Fiction I have lost count of the days that I have been here. They are just notch marks on the branches that make the walls of the hut I built. And I built that a fair few notches ago. The only life I have seen in all that time has been seagulls and fish and they don’t say much.

When Eyes Meet

Across the crowded dance floor, I saw her. Her soft blonde hair cascading in loose curls over her shoulders. Her sparkling eyes staring into the darkness of the room. Her lips curling softly under the ruby gloss.

The Crossing – Caution

Even months after escaping the grip of the System and finding freedom I cannot quite get used to being able speak freely and without fear. Even the simple act of writing my journals would have found me put before a firing squad. Expressing the truth or an opinion carried an automatic death sentence. They could not stop the mind from thinking though.


As Cathy left the station it should have been the normal short walk to her home. Instead the street was silent, deathly silent.

The Crossing – Tatters and Ruins

Arina had a fondness for visiting historic buildings. Once or twice I had been with her and wandered round unused rooms arranged in a set period from the past. It intrigued me listening to Arina explain the details of the people who had lived there in the distant past. This time was different.

I, Gigolo

Lionel Ritchie crooned across the dance floor. I held you in my arms, leading you into the romantic rhythm of the music as I sang the lyrics to you. After the dance I led you back to the table, attending to your needs as any gentleman should – including a red rose from the seller … Continue reading I, Gigolo

A Body of Knowledge

The buzz at Carstairs Defence was electric. Rumour and speculation had been rife for over 6 months that young Adam Rickard, the boy genius, had developed a new missile detector. Sure enough, the 17-year-old had kept himself behind the closed doors of his lab day and night. Now Sir Damian Carstairs had called a meeting … Continue reading A Body of Knowledge

Protest for Love

Lloyd and Kim had been dating for several months now and tonight he was going to ask her about Africa. Kim was different from the others. They had met at a political rally, protesting the heinous acts of some government or other. Lloyd was a wealthy man with a deep social conscience. He had grown … Continue reading Protest for Love

A Royal Birth

Candice was special, she was lucky, she had been chosen. That is all she had heard for the last nine months. Now the time had come for the child to be born. Desperately she kept telling herself it wasn’t her child it was theirs. The child was for the survival of the hive. They started … Continue reading A Royal Birth

Wastelanders of Friadan

The Wasteland people didn’t talk much. What language they had was limited sounds from the back of the throat, and we didn’t know or understood what they meant. Their homesteads, if they could be called that were sparse and ramshackle. Makeshift shelters surrounding a central fire, but to them, it was home.  The concept of … Continue reading Wastelanders of Friadan

Brief Glances

I’m quite a reserved guy, the type that goes to the gym when its quiet. On the odd occasion there would be one or two other guys in the changing room but today it was crowded, a heaving mass of masculinity. Maybe I should have given up then, but instead I took a deep breath … Continue reading Brief Glances

The Wedding Party

It had been a beautiful day. The early spring sunshine was the perfect background for Kate and Matt as they took their vows. Cameras clicked as Matt kissed his bride amid the rainbow of confetti swirling on the light wind. A few hours later the bodies of Matt and his bestman, Alan, lay on the … Continue reading The Wedding Party

The Café

We had been off the motorway just 15 minutes when it happened. For no reason whatsoever, the car just stopped. There was fuel in the tank, but nothing when Kel turned the ignition, not even a half-hearted whirr. Kel picked up her torch and popped the bonnet. ‘Turn the ignition for me, Jess’ I turned … Continue reading The Café

The Journey

His legs were ravaged by pain and the blisters on his feet had long since burst into blood sores. The hours of walking were taking its toll on Luke’s body, but he had to keep going. He had to get home. For Luke it felt like it had been years since he had been home. … Continue reading The Journey

The Crossing – Gai

Since our arrival Gai’s half-starved body had gained weight. He was now tall and muscular in physique, standing just short of six feet. The asylum officials had assigned him to work as a labourer at a recycling centre. The manual nature of his work had toned his body to a defined tightness that rippled every … Continue reading The Crossing – Gai