Case Closed

Flash Fiction 350: Crime Two weeks ago, Tess White had been found dead in her parents’ apartment. She had come in late from a party complaining of feeling unwell. Her parents had assumed it was a result of too much alcohol.


A Body of Knowledge

The buzz at Carstairs Defence was electric. Rumour and speculation had been rife for over 6 months that young Adam Rickard, the boy genius, had developed a new missile detector. Sure enough, the 17-year-old had kept himself behind the closed doors of his lab day and night. Now Sir Damian Carstairs had called a meeting … Continue reading A Body of Knowledge

The Wedding Party

It had been a beautiful day. The early spring sunshine was the perfect background for Kate and Matt as they took their vows. Cameras clicked as Matt kissed his bride amid the rainbow of confetti swirling on the light wind. A few hours later the bodies of Matt and his bestman, Alan, lay on the … Continue reading The Wedding Party

The Crime Writer

Susan Davies, a young up-and-coming features writer at the Tormane Weekly Gazette stared at the box of notebooks on the desk in front of her. The accompanying letter in her hands had left her lost for words. The acclaimed crime novelist Kimberly Dent wanted her, an unknown feature writer, to write her life story. Without … Continue reading The Crime Writer