A Night Out

Flash Fiction 350: Erotica Last night he had come to her call for help. He hadn’t said a word but drove her home in silence as she babbled the excuses for her presence at the pub on the wrong side of town. He had said it was a bad idea and she wasn’t to go but she did anyway.

I, Gigolo

Lionel Ritchie crooned across the dance floor. I held you in my arms, leading you into the romantic rhythm of the music as I sang the lyrics to you. After the dance I led you back to the table, attending to your needs as any gentleman should – including a red rose from the seller … Continue reading I, Gigolo

Brief Glances

I’m quite a reserved guy, the type that goes to the gym when its quiet. On the odd occasion there would be one or two other guys in the changing room but today it was crowded, a heaving mass of masculinity. Maybe I should have given up then, but instead I took a deep breath … Continue reading Brief Glances

A Good Day

It felt odd pulling her robe over my body, like a dim and distant memory that was better forgotten. Had it really been so long? Once it had been easy to slip between the two, now it all felt so wrong, but needs must. I hadn’t planned on staying the night with Lydia, just a … Continue reading A Good Day

In the Beginning

I was just a teenager of 17 back then. My misspent youth was at its height. Alcohol and women were my favourite past times. Not that I had much luck with women, not until I met her. With Denise, I hit the jackpot. At first, we would just share drinks at the various bars along … Continue reading In the Beginning

After Work Drinks

Now and then I go to a local bar about a mile from home. On those long days when nothing beets a cold beer on the way home. Usually I was served by the regular blonde barmaid, I would down my pint and head home – as you do. Tonight, was different, instead of the … Continue reading After Work Drinks

Within Darkness

Behind the velvet mask her eyes saw nothing but darkness. The air of silence allowing her to absorb the energy of his mind at play with her senses. Now she was beginning to understand what he meant by the world of darkness and night being his domain. Time moving so slowly it was torturing her … Continue reading Within Darkness


My senses are aware of everything. The coolness of the air from the open window, the involuntary shiver on your lip as we kiss and I see that erotic glimmer in your eyes before your lashes close. That glimmer that drives me to the brink of sanity night after night as it pulls my desire … Continue reading Abandonment