Airs and Graces

Flash Fiction 350 - Fantasy Langstone Crescent had once been the elite part of town, where the privileged wealthy had set up home. Now, the once height of fashion homes looked shabby and rundown as the rest of the town. Still Margot Jennings tried to keep lofty standards and still considered herself a cut above the other inhabitants of the town.



As Cathy left the station it should have been the normal short walk to her home. Instead the street was silent, deathly silent.

Wastelanders of Friadan

The Wasteland people didn’t talk much. What language they had was limited sounds from the back of the throat, and we didn’t know or understood what they meant. Their homesteads, if they could be called that were sparse and ramshackle. Makeshift shelters surrounding a central fire, but to them, it was home.  The concept of … Continue reading Wastelanders of Friadan


After a week of living with Loban and Arina, or it may have been a little more than that as the days of living in their idyllic home seemed to blend in and out of each other, officials from the asylum centre visited us. A mass of papers had to be filled in to apply … Continue reading Happiness

Hui’s Tale

The Spirit of Naga, the mother of rabbits, had been a distant mystery since any living rabbit could remember. Even Old Mingzhi, the oldest and wisest rabbit in the warren could only tell the stories. Diandian, a young buck yearling loved spending the twilight hours listen to Mingzhi’s tales. One evening Diandian and several young … Continue reading Hui’s Tale

The Crossing

The mist was heavy with the scent of freedom. The freedom that was beginning to slowly emerge with each step we took forward. Our pulses were racing as the dawn light got brighter and our footsteps took on a more urgent pace. Our absence would be soon noticed, and we knew it. The fake bodies … Continue reading The Crossing

The Rise of Doyrin

‘It was all part of the game’ that was what the Ombus, the god of magic in the middle of the Primelands, a flat oval-shaped world, told them. He was the keeper of the Sacred Chronicle of Sentinels and a god so he would know. Doyrin, one of the graduate wizards of Eternal Synergy was … Continue reading The Rise of Doyrin

Nami Gas

‘It’s a job;’ Lhoris kept telling herself. After three years of being out of work, she was willing to try anything. Now she was ready to start her first shift as an orderly on Vamir Motoris Ward, the acute psychiatric ward at a Rainbow Medical Centre. It had a well-known reputation for dealing with the … Continue reading Nami Gas

Tree of Destiny

It was late morning as I entered the Valley of Time. I was nearing the end of my quest and my tired aching limbs were beginning to pulse with that rush of excitement that something awesome was about to happen. On the breeze, I could smell burning, that sweet smell of burning wood. A campfire? … Continue reading Tree of Destiny

The Illusory Child

‘Oliver, please listen to me!!’ Alfie had been warned this time would come. It was part of the deal. When a kid no longer required an illusory it was time to disappear back into the realms of the occasional memory. Five years earlier, Alfie had been assigned to Oliver. Oliver was then just coming on … Continue reading The Illusory Child