Happy Anniversary

A cosy night in. Good wine, good food and hot sex. Is there any better way of celebrating your first anniversary?

When Eyes Meet

Across the crowded dance floor, I saw her. Her soft blonde hair cascading in loose curls over her shoulders. Her sparkling eyes staring into the darkness of the room. Her lips curling softly under the ruby gloss.

A Royal Birth

Candice was special, she was lucky, she had been chosen. That is all she had heard for the last nine months. Now the time had come for the child to be born. Desperately she kept telling herself it wasn’t her child it was theirs. The child was for the survival of the hive. They started … Continue reading A Royal Birth

The Camera

Another lazy Sunday morning with Diane and I was barely awake before she was sliding back the bed sheets, so she could slide her lips over my dick. She could do what she liked with me and she knew it. From the day we had met she had targeted me. Her voracious eyes flirted with … Continue reading The Camera

The Birthday Party

Hubert Martell was looking forward to his big day. He had booked into The Spring of Tranquillity facility just two days ago. His suite was luxurious, catering for every want and need he may have. He sat silently on the veranda looking out over the lake, just as he had done two years ago with … Continue reading The Birthday Party

Feeding the Dog

As one-night stands go it had been uneventful, the sex had been good but nothing special. The usual alcohol-fuelled exchange of kisses that end up at her place with the rhythmic squeaking of the bed springs of mutual gratification. The usual Friday night for Brendan Terry. He had dozed after and now at 6am, he … Continue reading Feeding the Dog

The Undesirables

Once again anger spewed on to the streets. Two more names added to the ever-growing list of deaths. Executed by hate without mercy, without justice. People like me had to stay hidden, living our lives in secret until we could escape the ghettos. I hurried on through the darkness to an unused dock and a … Continue reading The Undesirables

Teal End House

Miss Tillie McDonald had worked for the Larrimer household since she was 14. Back then, of course, she had been a scullery maid and a junior one at that. At 30 Tillie was the housekeeper of Teal End House, with a house and kitchen maid to keep in order. Old Mr Larrimer had been the … Continue reading Teal End House

Reflections of Death

The mirror looked out over her bedroom from its ancient gothic frame. Tarnished by time what was left of the fine gold leaf detailing was tarnished and black. The deep speckled edges of the glass told their own story. Chips and chunks from all the careless movings spoke harshly of neglect. No, time had not … Continue reading Reflections of Death

Immortal Lust

That night when I first saw her common sense said feel nothing. She was intensely potent and I could feel her energy ripple through me. My shield of cool detachment shattered when her eyes caught mine and I felt that hunger surge through my blood. Damn in less than five minutes the inner demon had … Continue reading Immortal Lust

Friday Fix

The sunset is fading into the darkness of night. The streets are silent as the clubbers are clubbing and the stay-at-homes are sat in front of the latest instalment of some reality show. It is Friday night and for the first time since the previous week he feels the need to go out. With the … Continue reading Friday Fix