The Crossing – Tatters and Ruins

Arina had a fondness for visiting historic buildings. Once or twice I had been with her and wandered round unused rooms arranged in a set period from the past. It intrigued me listening to Arina explain the details of the people who had lived there in the distant past. This time was different.

The Café

We had been off the motorway just 15 minutes when it happened. For no reason whatsoever, the car just stopped. There was fuel in the tank, but nothing when Kel turned the ignition, not even a half-hearted whirr. Kel picked up her torch and popped the bonnet. ‘Turn the ignition for me, Jess’ I turned … Continue reading The Café

The Deal

Roberto stood in the bedroom of his penthouse apartment and glanced once again into the mirror. Staring back at him was the reflection of a gentleman in full morning suit, a man about to be married, a man in love. Did he look like a man in love? Along the corridor, Roberto could hear his … Continue reading The Deal


After a week of living with Loban and Arina, or it may have been a little more than that as the days of living in their idyllic home seemed to blend in and out of each other, officials from the asylum centre visited us. A mass of papers had to be filled in to apply … Continue reading Happiness

The Camera

Another lazy Sunday morning with Diane and I was barely awake before she was sliding back the bed sheets, so she could slide her lips over my dick. She could do what she liked with me and she knew it. From the day we had met she had targeted me. Her voracious eyes flirted with … Continue reading The Camera

Hui’s Tale

The Spirit of Naga, the mother of rabbits, had been a distant mystery since any living rabbit could remember. Even Old Mingzhi, the oldest and wisest rabbit in the warren could only tell the stories. Diandian, a young buck yearling loved spending the twilight hours listen to Mingzhi’s tales. One evening Diandian and several young … Continue reading Hui’s Tale

The Crossing

The mist was heavy with the scent of freedom. The freedom that was beginning to slowly emerge with each step we took forward. Our pulses were racing as the dawn light got brighter and our footsteps took on a more urgent pace. Our absence would be soon noticed, and we knew it. The fake bodies … Continue reading The Crossing

A Good Day

It felt odd pulling her robe over my body, like a dim and distant memory that was better forgotten. Had it really been so long? Once it had been easy to slip between the two, now it all felt so wrong, but needs must. I hadn’t planned on staying the night with Lydia, just a … Continue reading A Good Day

The Deterrent

Every day, twice a day, I would ride past the Nightstone Work Camp. Every day, twice a day, I would be haunted by the gaunt staring faces of young men and women, old age didn’t happen in the camps. Visceral faces desperately waiting to die. Survival was pointless they would never get out. This was … Continue reading The Deterrent


I awoke sprawled across some bushes. All I could feel was a deep throbbing pain in my left leg. The springy twigs held on to me like vines and I gave up trying to sit up. Instead, I rolled and landed on the cold muddy ground. As I opened his eyes all I could see … Continue reading Alone

Gloria’s Gift

In the rambling and over-grown garden stood a summer house. Its windows had been boarded up for years, maybe decades. It had, like everything else in the garden been long abandoned. The big house at the end of the garden, well he still lived there. Professor Trebeck was an old man now, and even more … Continue reading Gloria’s Gift

True Colours

A few days earlier Lewys had placed a solitaire ring on her finger as he knelt on one knee. He wasn’t one for the big romantic gestures so the whole proposal had taken Heidi by surprise. He had revelled in the happy grin that lit up her face as the light flashed on the diamond. The … Continue reading True Colours

Feeding the Dog

As one-night stands go it had been uneventful, the sex had been good but nothing special. The usual alcohol-fuelled exchange of kisses that end up at her place with the rhythmic squeaking of the bed springs of mutual gratification. The usual Friday night for Brendan Terry. He had dozed after and now at 6am, he … Continue reading Feeding the Dog

Nami Gas

‘It’s a job;’ Lhoris kept telling herself. After three years of being out of work, she was willing to try anything. Now she was ready to start her first shift as an orderly on Vamir Motoris Ward, the acute psychiatric ward at a Rainbow Medical Centre. It had a well-known reputation for dealing with the … Continue reading Nami Gas


Two decades had passed since a mother and father had comforted each other at the bedside of their son. Only a few days earlier everything had been so different as two parents delighted in the wonder in their child’s eyes as he celebrated his fifth birthday. The uncontainable excitement as they had boarded the Earthship … Continue reading Renaissance

The Undesirables

Once again anger spewed on to the streets. Two more names added to the ever-growing list of deaths. Executed by hate without mercy, without justice. People like me had to stay hidden, living our lives in secret until we could escape the ghettos. I hurried on through the darkness to an unused dock and a … Continue reading The Undesirables