The Runes: Thurizas

Thurizas or Thorn represents the need for caution. It is advising the questioner things with care and where it is necessary to give due consideration to circumstances before acting. Interpretation Thurizas in the upright position is advising the questioner of a forthcoming opportunity, however, this opportunity must be handled with extreme care o avoid the … Continue reading The Runes: Thurizas

The Runes: Uruz

Ur or Uruz symbolizes challenge. It is also known as the Rune of Passage representing the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Interpretation The upright Uruz represents an interview for a new job, taking a test, or any other challenging event. Uruz symbolizes overcoming obstacles and a successful conclusion to the … Continue reading The Runes: Uruz

The Runes: Feoh

In the upright position, Feoh or Fehu is symbolic of assets, wealth, and possessions. Historically, it represents cattle as anyone who owned cattle would have been considered very wealthy and well to do. Interpretation Feoh in its upright position represents an increase of wealth or financial gain and bodes well for the questioner’s financial matters … Continue reading The Runes: Feoh

Honouring Pan

The ancient Greek god, Pan, is a god of nature, described as a god of the woods, of animal husbandry and of fertility. The ancient portrayed Pan as a goat-footed god playing a flute-like instrument. Pan is making his presence felt whenever we feel sexual urges, playful or a sense of internal joy...

Just Too Old

For the last 18 months life, if one can call it such, has been laying in shatters around me, just scraping by in an existence where living is what other people do. Frankly, my life was a mess. A broken marriage, a pokey bedsit I call home, and redundancy, you get the picture, yeah...

The Wheel of the Year

In honour of changing spiritual seasons in life, witches and pagans celebrate eight annual sabbats. These sabbats mark the eight annual passages of both spiritual and earthly energy. The wheel of the year is comprised of the eight sabbats. Each celebration comes under either greater or lesser sabbats....

The Witness

Early evening, and I am cooking dinner. A chicken pie, and a snow of flour remains on the work surface from rolling out pastry. The TV flickers from the corner with yet another smiling, always smiling, model ...