These Are a Few of my Favourite Songs

Prompt: Your Favourite Song I challenge anyone to nominate just one song. So, instead, I have decided to go with a few of my faves from different areas of music. As the title suggests I like musicals a bit. No, not Julie Andrews. No. not the Sound of Music. I am torn between Chicago and … Continue reading These Are a Few of my Favourite Songs


Grooving with the Vampires

Prompt: The last song alphabetically on your playlist On my current playlist that would be Vlad by Inkubus Sukkubus. As this is one of my favourite bands this post is their music, starting, or course, with Vlad from the album Belladonna and Aconite Next up is Hedonistic Gene from the Beast with Two Backs … Continue reading Grooving with the Vampires

Long Time No Hear

Prompt: Songs you love but rarely listen to There are far too many of these to post a complete listing so will go with the few I have had the pleasure of listening to today as I made notes for this write. I am starting with Transvision Vamp and Baby, I Don’t Care as it … Continue reading Long Time No Hear

Kicking Ass

Prompt: The last song you heard Today’s prompt is an easy one as it is still before 9am and I don’t have the radio on. That means the last song I have heard is the one I use for my alarm sound. I chose it because it is loud, it is anthemic and rebellious and … Continue reading Kicking Ass