Talking to the Trees – Ivy

Gort (G), Ivy, is the twelfth tree of the Ogham and symbolizes a warning with the energies of a determined power, binding, restricting, freedom and union. Ivy Energy There is a fierce and determined power to the ivy that has the ability to bind many trees together and to restrict passage through the woods, It … Continue reading Talking to the Trees – Ivy

Talking to the Trees – Vine

Muin (M), the Vine, is the eleventh tree of the Ogham and represents the energies of union, teaching, instinct, determination, and the loosening of inhibitions. Vine Energy As the vine grows it interweaves with other trees and that provides the clue to its essential energy. It unites the other trees together as it grows from … Continue reading Talking to the Trees – Vine

Simply 6 Minutes – Until Today

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine Been a long while since I have written free hand to a time limit so here goes ( Until TodayForm: ProseTheme: Witchery of SortsSubject: Dragon’s Blood As a witch, I use Dragon’s Blood incense in a lot of rituals and witchery. Yes, I … Continue reading Simply 6 Minutes – Until Today

The Runes: Ansuz

Ansuz or Ansur represents communication and advises to listen as well as speak. Communication of some form will be important. Interpretation In the upright position, Ansuz advises that letters, phone calls and other communication will be important to the questioner. Communication is undoubtedly the key, and listening is equally important. If the questioner is bottling … Continue reading The Runes: Ansuz

The Runes: Feoh

In the upright position, Feoh or Fehu is symbolic of assets, wealth, and possessions. Historically, it represents cattle as anyone who owned cattle would have been considered very wealthy and well to do. Interpretation Feoh in its upright position represents an increase of wealth or financial gain and bodes well for the questioner’s financial matters … Continue reading The Runes: Feoh