Music and Movies

Prompt: Songs from your favourite movies Good grief, I don’t even know where to start this one. As I am a Trekkie I suppose Star Trek would be a good start but which one – arrrgh!!!! I really can’t choose so have gone with a delicious medley instead Not much of leap as my … Continue reading Music and Movies


Bang a Gong

Prompt: Songs by your Favourite Band Wow, this could be the world’s longest post, it’s not going to be. My music taste is eclectic and depends on my mood. I am old enough to have many favourites but will stick to one, but who to chose out of the many. I will have to use … Continue reading Bang a Gong

Before the Storm

Prompt: Songs that Give You Hope The journey from female to male has not been an easy one, and for me that is a good thing as it has made me question everything about myself. Sometimes I haven’t been comfortable with my answers, but they are my answers and ultimately are part of making me … Continue reading Before the Storm

Love Is…

  Prompt: First Love Songs I think I pretty much covered that in a previous post. Instead, I am going to list some love songs that I love. The first song is ‘Will You? by Hazel O’Connor from an iconic movie in my teens, Breaking Glass. I still spill my tea if the love nerves … Continue reading Love Is…

Jeff and Mike

Prompt: Songs that stick in your head Most songs that stick in my head are not welcome there. They are the annoying bullshit advertising ditties played on the radio. I am not going to irritate myself by looking them up on Youtube, but undoubtedly some complete twank has put them up there because quite frankly … Continue reading Jeff and Mike