First Date

Sarah was running late that Friday morning. After signing in at the late registration desk she had gone to her locker to dump her stuff. There was the note, same as every Friday over the last few months...

Walking with Smokey

Prompt: Write about a grandparent It is hardly a secret that I have a lifelong love affair with everything feline. I love all animals but my relationship with the cat, I can pinpoint when that started with childhood memories to one cat, Smokey.

Escaping the Fear

Prompt: What do you need to feel safe One of the symptoms of my bipolar depressive episodes is panic attacks. These can be logical or totally illogical. Along side the panic attacks I get agoraphobia which leads to reclusiveness and I avoid going out because I just don’t feel safe and then panic.

Not So Good

Prompt: What are your worst traits? Another of those not easy answer to questions and it certainly took more than five minutes to think it through as I was listing almost the same things as I had written down as my best traits. So I am going to go with that thinking.

Kicking Ass

Prompt: The last song you heard Today’s prompt is an easy one as it is still before 9am and I don’t have the radio on. That means the last song I have heard is the one I use for my alarm sound. I chose it because it is loud, it is anthemic and rebellious and … Continue reading Kicking Ass

Bang a Gong

Prompt: Songs by your Favourite Band Wow, this could be the world’s longest post, it’s not going to be. My music taste is eclectic and depends on my mood. I am old enough to have many favourites but will stick to one, but who to chose out of the many. I will have to use … Continue reading Bang a Gong

Love Is…

  Prompt: First Love Songs I think I pretty much covered that in a previous post. Instead, I am going to list some love songs that I love. The first song is ‘Will You? by Hazel O’Connor from an iconic movie in my teens, Breaking Glass. I still spill my tea if the love nerves … Continue reading Love Is…

Jeff and Mike

Prompt: Songs that stick in your head Most songs that stick in my head are not welcome there. They are the annoying bullshit advertising ditties played on the radio. I am not going to irritate myself by looking them up on Youtube, but undoubtedly some complete twank has put them up there because quite frankly … Continue reading Jeff and Mike

Ten Words

Prompt: Use 10 words to describe yourself Quietly stubborn, old-fashioned gent born in the wrong time. Well, ten words will make a lousy post so I will expand on that a bit but I will do it backwards because I can. Certainly, I feel I should have been born in the late 18th century so … Continue reading Ten Words

Just No

Prompt: Who makes your life possible Well, that is a dumb thing to have as a prompt. It implies life is only doable if someone else validates my existence. Just no! The only person who can do that is me. I really have no idea what to add to this. It is not often a … Continue reading Just No

Ancient Mother

Prompt: What every day thing makes you smile inside and why There is nothing quite as humbling yet deliciously beautiful as the sound of the dawn chorus. Birdsong has the incredible ability to reach deep into the psyche and touch the soul with sheer joy. It makes getting up before the world of humanity is … Continue reading Ancient Mother

Out of Balance

Prompt: Describe a moment in your life you will never forget I can’t really remember that much as I was dosed up by anesthetic and morphine. I was sleeping it off after the first operation of my transition. Known to many as ‘top surgery’ I wasn’t surprised that I felt like had been in a … Continue reading Out of Balance