Not Yet

Secrets and shadows, wine and rain Just questions spinning round Inside my head there is no peace The answers lost not found Where are the things to end my pain In confusion, I’m bound By fears that never seem to cease I look beneath the ground And now I pause to take no breath Alone … Continue reading Not Yet


Ne’er Reborn

I am – she cares not who that is I’m nix but words that scorn A heart despised by acid tongue For love is ne’er reborn With contempt, she let my heart dream Her love was mine to hold But love be damned when left for dead Outside in winter’s cold No pity has she … Continue reading Ne’er Reborn

Spanish Eyes

The hustle of her chamois leather jeans That caught my eye on that hot summer night A glance, a smile and the story began With hidden words of love that poets write With deep sandy eyes, she hypnotized me I was willing to surrender my heart For she stole my mind in erotic dance Such … Continue reading Spanish Eyes

Purest Truth

In silence. none can hear unspoken dreams Yet silence still speaks louder than any screams A man alone can only see his fear He feels it drawing him in somewhere near The chosen path is known by few who care To walk alone a man must take the dare In darkness, purest truth is seen … Continue reading Purest Truth


A habit becomes need The fun that was has gone A fix now feeds their greed The addict is alone A drug echoes the fear When need cries out no more Reality draws near And pain shakes on the floor The fun carried a cost A buzz, a high, what price? Now all is gone … Continue reading Addiction

Box Of Lies

Persuasions offered in their words Slogans repeated in ways absurd It must be true on the TV No biased questions on the news Political lies and points of views It must be true on the TV Reality shows to numb the brain The masses are easy to train It must be true on the TV … Continue reading Box Of Lies

Approaching Thunder

As the sky grows weary and the slow clouds laden with rain rumble ever closer to where we wait for the last bus unprotected from the coming storm a brief flash and for a moment the world is bright in whiteness and my eyes see desperation perspiring from your skin and I take the chance … Continue reading Approaching Thunder