NaPoMo 30: Poetic View

Texte: The poets were good teachers, for they taught Earth had this joy; but that 'twould ever be That fortune should be perfected in me, My heart of hope dared not engage the thought Robert Seymour Bridges The poets were good teachers, for they taught Of visions unseen by the human eye Of beauty seen … Continue reading NaPoMo 30: Poetic View

NaPoMo 29: Downrush

Cascades of thunder growling from behind Embraced as one without a thought or care The dreams of lovers laced and thus entwined As torrents fall while we are unaware Beneath the foam our two souls are aligned Amid the icy spray crossing the air Cascades of thunder growling from behind Embraced as one without a … Continue reading NaPoMo 29: Downrush

NaPoMo 13: To a Friend

Today we grieve your leaving, friend As mourners walk on by No tears we cry as it’s not the end As our memories fly We lived without the reasons why The paths of life should send Us here, always seeking the sky As friends, we’ll never end © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Alternating Quatrains

NaPoMo 12: The Nude

Romantic oils on stretched sheet Expressing love in ways complete The curving lines mean nothing much Without the flair of artist’s touch Her beauty held, so poised and still As if captive to his own will Her beauty, his vision to hold His brush stroking, so soft, so bold Creating impressions of skin While finding … Continue reading NaPoMo 12: The Nude

NaPoMo 11: Tad-cu

What star should I lean on As I walk the path of life Towards my destiny, my future, my death Who is the star that leads me? The shining example of doing it right Who is the man who stands beside me When seeking that second opinion But trust only the instinct of self To … Continue reading NaPoMo 11: Tad-cu

NaPoMo 5: To Loki

As mountains rise toward the sky The spring rainbows across the ground New life is gathering around And eagles call from up on high Forgotten vales of winter white As flowers replace thawing snow In valleys, I have come to know I find my place of sacred light My god, once dead, is young again … Continue reading NaPoMo 5: To Loki