NaPoMo 21: The Pact

Our day has come to love beyond the night To ride our wave against the world of fear Give me your hand and let me draw you near My love, come join me on the wingless flight And destruction may be the way ahead My arms embrace will hold you ever close Protect you from … Continue reading NaPoMo 21: The Pact


NaPoMo 20: Silver White Reflections

Clouds scatter beneath waxing moon and her sensual fullness silently reflects silver white in the long grasses of the wild meadow as we listen to the breeze of late summer mingling with the soft sounds of night a night made for kissing as fingers tango lightly on skin to the natural rhythm of rustling grass … Continue reading NaPoMo 20: Silver White Reflections

NaPoMo 13: To a Friend

Today we grieve your leaving, friend As mourners walk on by No tears we cry as it’s not the end As our memories fly We lived without the reasons why The paths of life should send Us here, always seeking the sky As friends, we’ll never end © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Alternating Quatrains

NaPoMo 12: The Nude

Romantic oils on stretched sheet Expressing love in ways complete The curving lines mean nothing much Without the flair of artist’s touch Her beauty held, so poised and still As if captive to his own will Her beauty, his vision to hold His brush stroking, so soft, so bold Creating impressions of skin While finding … Continue reading NaPoMo 12: The Nude