Night Shift

Wide awake beneath a black ink sky only thoughts for company sharing bittersweet sips of coffee feeding the words in spiralling strokes on the page thriving in the creative pool oxymorons play with juxtapositions conflicting ideas united in device and the pen throws in a delicate pause whispered in the night as the synonyms and … Continue reading Night Shift


Tug of War

A battle waits and only strength can win The old must die for the new to begin While battle worn, devoid of all but hope Beguiled by hate a soldier stakes his claim In fireside stories refusing to mope His inner resources taking up the strain As fears and doubts have left the rope too … Continue reading Tug of War

Home for Tea

The vagueness falls around a winter dawn And frost is nipping at by boot clad feet A golden hue; a glimpse of a sunbeam With trees like sketches with a pencil drawn Where the curling mist seems to gently greet The dog and I out walking by the stream In this wintery bliss where nothing … Continue reading Home for Tea

Comparison of Passion

Dust settles rapidly On empty battlefields In mourning reflection And lovers lingering In velvet temptation Such feelings equated resolutely Love Hate The friction intimates That spirits awaken indifferent   ©JG Farmer 2018 Form: Rhopalic Verse

Catena Rondo

  The Catena Rondo, created by academic writer and poet Robin Skelton. It is a quatrain stanza form with the second line forming a rhyming couplet with the third line. The second line also becomes the first and fourth lines of the following stanza. There is no limit to the number of stanzas and the … Continue reading Catena Rondo

For Life

Within the darkness lies a poet’s sight The special something that is his delight That something perfect dwells inside his mind It stirs with his words as he takes his breath And on the page his thoughts slowly unwind A gentle breeze or a tempest in ink This ink is like blood exposing his soul … Continue reading For Life