Cywydd Llosgyrnog Notes

Another Welsh form, the Cywydd Llosgyrnog is a syllabic-based form with internal rhymes. It is a 6-line stanza. Lines 1, 2, 4, and 5 are 8-syllables in length with 1 and 2 sharing an end rhyme and lines 4 and 5 sharing an end rhyme. Lines 3 and 6 have 7-syllable lines and end rhyme … Continue reading Cywydd Llosgyrnog Notes

Cywydd Deuair Hirion Notes

A Welsh poetic form, the Cywydd Deuair Hirion employs couplets of 7-syllable lines. Each couplet has a two-syllable end rhyme with one stressed and one unstressed syllable – the order doesn’t matter. Couplets can be combined to form longer stanzas and poems. Example Avec Toi by Robert Lee Brewer It's all I ever wantedto be … Continue reading Cywydd Deuair Hirion Notes