Glorionic Sonnet Notes

Created by Gloria MartinStructure: Octet and a sestetMeter: decasyllabic or pentameterSchema: aabbbccc ddedee. Example Black Rose Petals by Jez Farmer As I lay the black roses on your graveI no longer feel I am strong and braveAs winds blows emptiness again todayIt feels like living is so far awayAnd my tears fall where the dark … Continue reading Glorionic Sonnet Notes

Japanese Sonnet Notes

Created by Jose Rizal M ReyesStructure: Quatrain, sestet and quatrainMeter: each line is a haikuSchema: aaaa bbbbbb aaaa Example Sakura Memories by Jez Farmer Sweet scented petals descend on the breeze; fragrant farewell,Memories entwine in rivers of tears; love cannot dispelDark clouds obscure the future and the sun in living hell?Temple chimes echo sounds of … Continue reading Japanese Sonnet Notes

Grammarian Sonnet Notes

Created by Jose Rizal M. ReyesStructure: alternate quintains and coupletsMeter: decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: abbba cc deeed ff Example The Rabbit and the Warrior by Jez Farmer As springtide comes amid the ancient stoneA warrior stands alone as he seeksThe old one with whom holy wisdom speaksAs across the skies the setting sun streaksA white … Continue reading Grammarian Sonnet Notes

Rondelet Notes

The Rondelet is a French form that turns on a refrain and has two rhymes. The first, third and seventh lines consist of four syllables and form the refrain. Lines two, fourth, fifth and sixth lines consist of eight syllables. The Rhyme scheme is AbAabbA Example Roasties Crunch by Jez Farmer A Sunday lunchWhile catching … Continue reading Rondelet Notes

Rondeau Notes

The Rondeau can be a challenging form for the poet. Consisting of three stanzas, a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet, the first phrase of the first line, or the hole first line sets the refrain (R). The meter is eight syllable or ten syllable line, but it is the poet’s choice if that is … Continue reading Rondeau Notes

French Sonnet Notes

French Sonnet IStructure: Octave and sestetMeter: Octasyllabic or iambic tetrameterRhyme Schema: abbaabba ccdccd Example On the Way Down by Jez Farmer In darkness whispers kept talking to meAnd whispers echoed around in my mindA growling roar that once was far behindIn the realms of a childhood fantasyThose days before my soul walked strong and freeWhen … Continue reading French Sonnet Notes

White Sails

Form: Italian Octave 2 The masts chatter casually on the breezeFrom where there have been to where they will goThe trials and tribulations that flowAnd how the ever-changing tides at easeAs the weather-worn hands tack to the windTo follow the stars to a distant landThe white sails on the course he had plannedAns time shines … Continue reading White Sails