Heather’s Sonnet Notes

Structure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: 6 syllables or trimeterSchema: abab cded fgfg ce Example Sunrise by Jez Farmer At the beginning of the day I feelJust like a whisper in a lover’s dreamAs remnants of dreams in gold rays congealIn rushing waters of the little streamI feel you standing there right beside meJust like … Continue reading Heather’s Sonnet Notes

Half Measured Sonnet Notes

Structure: 3 quatrains and a coupletMeter: alternating tetrameter and trimeterRhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef gg Example The Sentimental Jerk by Jez Farmer As roses bloom in redAnd the violets in blueThe heart rules it is saidWith the words ‘I love you’The heart is just a foolThose words need much more thoughtThey are not for me … Continue reading Half Measured Sonnet Notes

Monchielle Stanza Notes

Created by the popular Norwegian poet, Jim T. Henriksen the Monchielle consists of four five-line stanzas. Each line is six syllables, preferably Iambic trimeter. The first line forms the refrain at the beginning of each stanza and lines three and five rhyme giving the following rhyme layout AbcdcAefgfAhijiAklml Example Arcane Blue by Jez Farmer I … Continue reading Monchielle Stanza Notes

Before the Dawn

Form: Quatrains The world of stars I see,Above the Earth each night,Is where I find my dreams,Before the dawn’s daylight. The kiss of dew tastes sweet,The gift of nature’s rite,Awake the spites of life,Before the dawn’s daylight ©JGFarmer2009

July 8th

Form: Quatrains For July 8th I have just one wishTo spend an hour with Percy ByssheTo hear him speak and share a whileMaybe even see my hero smile. His works of beauty, I have them allWords from a romantic that often call.Magic images that release my mindSo much inspiration for a painter to find. Verses … Continue reading July 8th

Magic 9 Notes

So the story goes typing too fast led to abracadabra being misspelt as abacadeba and thus creating the Magic 9,Nine lines of nine syllable with a rhyme scheme ofabacadeba Example Bewitched by Divina Collins Shalt not thy deprave the spell of loveenchanted words that melts the heartthat cast thy spells deep within thereofwithin a mystical … Continue reading Magic 9 Notes

Go Vat Notes

Originating in Cambodia the Go Vat became popular among French poets in the late 1800s. It consists of a couplet which sets the rhyme of the subsequent stanzas, and a third line that repeats either in total, a phrase, or the last word throughout the poem. This gives the following structure and schema xxxxxxxaxxxxxxxaxxxxxxxB xxxxxxxaxxxxxxxaxxxxxxxB … Continue reading Go Vat Notes