#Writephoto – King of Seas

My thanks for another awesome prompt from KL Caley. King of SeasForm: Acrostic Kisses of love diedI have lost my lady moonNow my heart weeps the sad tearsGlaring into the darkness of an unlit night Ostracized by the starsFeeling the loneliness in alone Searching the lands, skies and seasEarth Mother whisperedAsk NeptuneSire, return my lady … Continue reading #Writephoto – King of Seas

Pleiades Notes

Created by Craig Tigerman in 1999, the Pleiades is a relatively new form. The Pleiades is a star cluster in the Taurus constellation and when discovered by the Greeks was named the Seven Sisters – Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno, Electra, Maio, Merope, and Tygeta. The form consists of seven lines, each line starting with the same … Continue reading Pleiades Notes


The Etheree is a 10-lined poetry form with an ascending syllable count of 1 to 10 through lines 1 to 10. Therefore, line 1 has 1 syllable, line 2 has 2, and so on ending with line 10 and 10 syllables. Example: Elemental by Jez Farmer Fire Air, Earth Water sprites combined as one. Life's … Continue reading Etheree