Rubliw Notes

Developed from the Cinquain by Richard Wilbur, the Rubliw is usually a message to a person, a group, or mankind. Usually iambic, it starts with monometer, each lime increasing by a foot until the fifth line in pentameter. The lines then decrease by a foot each time until the closing line in monometer. Example Birds … Continue reading Rubliw Notes

Ropalic Notes

The Ropalic seems to be easy at first glance, but actually requires a lot of hard work to accomplish a piece to a poet’s satisfaction. The rules are simple enough, with each line the first word is monosyllabic, the second has two syllables, the third three and so on. There is no rhyme or meter … Continue reading Ropalic Notes


The Etheree is a 10-lined poetry form with an ascending syllable count of 1 to 10 through lines 1 to 10. Therefore, line 1 has 1 syllable, line 2 has 2, and so on ending with line 10 and 10 syllables. Example: Elemental by Jez Farmer Fire Air, Earth Water sprites combined as one. Life's … Continue reading Etheree