Cyrch A Chwta Notes

The Cyrch a Chwta is a Welsh poetic form, and like many of the Welsh forms consists of both end-of-line rhymes and internal rhymes. The Cyrch a Chwta is an octave stanza consisting of 7-syllable lines. Lines 1-6 and line 8 share an end rhyme. Line 7 cross rhymes with either the third, fourth, or … Continue reading Cyrch A Chwta Notes


Octaves are widely known in their strict forms of variant metered rhyme schemas. However, they can also be eight-line stanzas that use one or more alternative poetic devices such as: syllable count, internal rhyme, a couplet in each stanza, meter and so on. For my example I have worked in Iambic Diameter, any rhymes are … Continue reading Octave