White Sails

Form: Italian Octave 2 The masts chatter casually on the breezeFrom where there have been to where they will goThe trials and tribulations that flowAnd how the ever-changing tides at easeAs the weather-worn hands tack to the windTo follow the stars to a distant landThe white sails on the course he had plannedAns time shines … Continue reading White Sails

Ottava Rima Notes

The Ottava Rima is a popular octave for long poetry. There is no set meter to the eight lines. The rhyme schema is abababccExample Into the Horizon by Jez Farmer Beneath the burning skies I watched the sun,Into the horizon it gently fell,While clouds of dreams, their magic begun,Enchantments woven in a dusky spell,As sunset's … Continue reading Ottava Rima Notes


Octaves are widely known in their strict forms of variant metered rhyme schemas. However, they can also be eight-line stanzas that use one or more alternative poetic devices such as: syllable count, internal rhyme, a couplet in each stanza, meter and so on. For my example I have worked in Iambic Diameter, any rhymes are … Continue reading Octave