Alternating Quatrain Notes

An Alternating Quatrain is a four-lined stanza with alternating rhyme. There are no other pre-set parameters allowing the use of such devices as meter and line length at the poet’s discretion Rhyme scheme: abab cdcd efef and so on Example Safe in the Night by Jez Farmer Around me the trees stand naked and bareAnd … Continue reading Alternating Quatrain Notes

Short Measure Notes

A variation of the Common Measure form, Short Measure consists of three lines of iambic trimeter, and a third line in iambic tetrameter. Including the rhyme scheme this gives the following patternxxxxxaxxxxxbxxxxxxxaxxxxxb Example Slainte by Gloria Carpenter To water down a drinkis sometimes a request;yet what a waste, I often thinkwhen strongest form is best. … Continue reading Short Measure Notes