Tuckerman’s Sonnet Notes

Structure: Octet and sestetMeter: Pentameter or DecasyllabicRhyme Scheme: abbabcab adeced Example Resurrection by Jez Farmer The rain is crying outside the steel gates;Inside there is no loving forgivenessAs evil dines on our righteous progressWe’re naught but pawns as love disintegrates.The father sky sheds tears of pure duressHis naked bride is torn of all but prideAs … Continue reading Tuckerman’s Sonnet Notes

Triolet Sonnet Notes

Structure: Four triplets and a coupletMeter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic linesRhyme Scheme: ABaAab ABaAab AB Example In Scrying Pools by Jez Farmer Silently sat beneath moonlightthe air is sweet with jasmine's scentI look into the waters of night.Silently sat beneath moonlightand there I see you in my sightmy lady hears my heart's lamentSilently sat beneath moonlightthe … Continue reading Triolet Sonnet Notes

Soneto Cinco Cuatro y Cinco Notes

Structure: Quintain, quatrain and quintainMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: abbaa ccdd eeffe Example The Poet's Song (in tetrameter) by Jez Farmer A distant echo over timeThe single voice that none could hearThe whisper silenced by my fearA voice which called me out in rhymeAs ink revealed the hidden crime.Two voices that should speak as oneYet … Continue reading Soneto Cinco Cuatro y Cinco Notes

Sapphic Ode Sonnet Notes

Created by: Jeff GreenStructure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines (see additional notes)Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef ggAdditional Notes: Example French Cologne by Jez Farmer As tears replaced the kiss of loveWith long nights of sleeping aloneThat grasp the lingering scent ofA French cologne.The study books can’t hold my mindMy heart is … Continue reading Sapphic Ode Sonnet Notes

Mystique’s Mini Sonnet Notes

Created by: Alberto J. Alvarez GStructure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: 6/6/7/7 6/6/7/7 6/6/7/7 7/7Rhyme scheme: Aabb cccc Aacc dd Example Time Goes By by Jez Farmer Greying hair speaks of timeYears gone by in their primeYet eyes sparkle with mischiefRevealing inner beliefThe memories remainIn happiness and painOf sunny days before rainReliving it all againGreying … Continue reading Mystique’s Mini Sonnet Notes

Persepolis Sonnet Notes

Created by: Leny RooversStructure: Octave and sestetMeter: Octave 11 syllable lines, Sestet decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: aabbccdd efgefg Example Taking Chances by Jez Farmer A doorway to where, a mystery to goA ready-made adventure and who’s to knowWhat lies just beyond this, an unopened doorI don’t know as I haven’t been there beforeYet anticipation tingles … Continue reading Persepolis Sonnet Notes

Kal’s Wondercloth Weave Sonnet Notes

Created by: Jose Rizal M. ReyesStructure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterSchema: abcb bcdc cded de Example Good Without God by Jez Farmer Does his soul still linger on the BeagleAnd does he still sail to far away islesWhere scientific truth spoke on a finch’s beakAs we look at religion with knowing smilesCreationism … Continue reading Kal’s Wondercloth Weave Sonnet Notes

Mirrored 18-Line Sonnet Notes

Structure: Octet, couplet and octetMeter: decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme scheme: abbaabba cc abbaabba Example Ancient Drum by Jez Farmer Across the savannah echo ancient drumThe spirit of nature dancing on grassYet mankind comes invading en masseHe’s taking her beauty and still He comeAcross the plains where the dry grasses humWill this invader e’er run out of … Continue reading Mirrored 18-Line Sonnet Notes

La Germania Notes

Created by: Jose Rizal M. ReyesStructure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterSchema: abba acca cddc dd Example Synchronicity by Jez Farmer Transcendental pleasure is ours to takeBeyond routine we seek our own desireAs our senses burn hot in passion’s fireNo loveless gratification to fakeIntense eyes darken as they feel desireExploring the wonder of … Continue reading La Germania Notes

Malayan Fireburst Notes

Created by: Jose Rizal M. ReyesStructure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme scheme: aaba bbcb ccdc ddAdditional parameters: 3rd line in each quatrain must be feminine rhyme Example Remedial Action by Larry Eberhart Removed from urban crush his cabin sitsabove where finally the sagebrush quits.His land abuts a park that’s mostly forest.A stealthy … Continue reading Malayan Fireburst Notes

Illini Sonnet Notes

Created by Nel ModglinStructure: QuatorzainMeter: Decasyllabic/Octsayllabic or pentameter/tetrameterSchema: abcabcdbcdecee.Additionally,L1,L4,L5,L8,L9 and L12 are tetrameter and L2,L3,L6,L7,L10,L11,L13 and L14 are pentameter. Example Bloody Admin by Jez Farmer The desk is lonely as dawn breaksAnd outside morning chorus how it singsIn the lazy rays of an early sunIn the kitchen coffee pot shakesIt’s that aroma of all thingsThat … Continue reading Illini Sonnet Notes

Kiwi Pause Notes

Created by: Jose Rizal M. ReyesStructure: QuatorzainMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterSchema: abbaccddeffegg Example Meter Matter by Lawrence Eberhart Constrained by form a sonnet forces rhymeAnd rhyme without some meter is bad verseLike Paul and Mary lacking Peter – worseDiscord will sometimes shout to me, ‘Watch out!’My deafness frequently obscures that shoutAnd bumps appear that other readers … Continue reading Kiwi Pause Notes