Sonnetina Due Notes

The Sonnetina Due is a ten-line stanza poem consisting of five couplets and usually written in iambic tetrameter (eight-syllable) or pentameter (ten-syllable) lines. The rhyme scheme is: aabbccddee Example The Mystery by Jez Farmer I look in her eyes and feel the fires burnSuch passion is not a fleeting sojournI feel her heart beat tugging … Continue reading Sonnetina Due Notes

English Ode Notes

Historically the ode form was brought to England at about the same time as the sonnet and was used by many poets. The English Ode uses a rhyme schema of four-line Sicilian stanza and an Italian sestet.ababcdecde fgfghijhij… and so on Example Ode to Future Past by Divena Collins Oh warm South wind come blow … Continue reading English Ode Notes

Decuain Notes

Created by Shelley A Cephas the Decuain is a 10-line form and can be used for any subject. Conventionally the 10 lines should be decasyllabic or iambic pentameter with one of three rhyme schemes Structure: 10 lines per stanza over three endline rhymesMeter: Decasyllabic or iambic pentameterSchema: ababbcbcaa or ababbcbcbb or ababbcbccc Example: A Writer’s … Continue reading Decuain Notes

Sonnetina Uno

The first of the sonnetinas, the Sonnetina Uno is a ten-line form written in iambic tetrameter, pentameter or any other consistent meter. It is a blank verse. Example Unspeakable Need by Jez Farmer A whisper of lavender calls a dream, In gentle words that dare the heart to care As darker thoughts recall how love … Continue reading Sonnetina Uno