Comparison of Passion

Dust settles rapidly On empty battlefields In mourning reflection And lovers lingering In velvet temptation Such feelings equated resolutely Love Hate The friction intimates That spirits awaken indifferent   ©JG Farmer 2018 Form: Rhopalic Verse



She speaks to me in words upon the page The mystic woman who so often takes My hand and leads my soul in ways of sage She dries my tears through the pains and heartaches Then guides my pen to write all the hurt out And see the truth that my poetry makes Her belief … Continue reading Rhapsodomancy

The Chair

The chair just sits So empty now And loneliness Is lost in grief The tears I cry For me, not you The emptiness Of letting go I held your hand And begged the pain To set you free To fly among The stars above I did not think I’d feel alone But for that chair … Continue reading The Chair


The Etheree is a 10-lined poetry form with an ascending syllable count of 1 to 10 through lines 1 to 10. Therefore, line 1 has 1 syllable, line 2 has 2, and so on ending with line 10 and 10 syllables. Example: Elemental by Jez Farmer Fire Air, Earth Water sprites combined as one. Life's … Continue reading Etheree

Colours of Life

Dark clouds of pain make it so hard to see The colours of what is going to be We dwell and mope in dull and aching grey With eyes closed: not daring to look ahead As if in the sadness we want to stay To leave tomorrow’s beauty far behind As if the future has … Continue reading Colours of Life

The Rush

Adenosine is looking for a mate But it won’t lead to love on a hot date With the drowsy chill zone getting it on And senses seem dull with thoughts all confused Unable to wake up enough as one The poet unable to write his words Let alone think a line is set out straight … Continue reading The Rush

Succubae Touch

Emotions drained from veins like crimson blood Then leave the soul to drown in poisoned mud Old feelings of hunger, the sensual want And cravings yearn for the succubae touch Inscribed like ink stains in emptiness’ font As flowing silk concealed the pain of love With sedated thoughts refusing to feel Her twisted blades flailing … Continue reading Succubae Touch