The Spectral Seducer

As dark clouds gathered embracing the sky Old jazz tunes kissed the streets of New Orleans Each note lingering to reach for the moon Old time airs bringing romance to the scene Returning to the dreams of ages past I heard her say ‘huh?’ as I kissed her hand With raindrops falling hard on to … Continue reading The Spectral Seducer


The Date

At a quarter past seven, I must dash For the Appleby’s expect me at eight A flick of oil to my silver moustache For Miss Emma-Jane I mustn’t be late A brisk evening walk buffered by the west And yesterday’s news flies across the street As icy blasts cut through my Sunday best Must hurry … Continue reading The Date

Riding the Waves

Cruelly torn from love’s tantalizing kiss The rage of passion burns beneath my skin It feeds on pleasure gasping from your lips As my tongue flickers softly on your flesh I watch you writhing possessed by desire How slow the touch comes when it’s all you need A little longer; let me enjoy you Let … Continue reading Riding the Waves

Beltane Rise

They share the sky at early morn A god and goddess joined again As birds sing welcome to the dawn And dew feels soft like summer rain The grass leaves gentle kisses here Upon the feet of roaming stag He seeks the love to bring him cheer His eyes searching for springtide’s flag She dances … Continue reading Beltane Rise

We Know

  You know I love you, I know that But today I need my own space My aching body feels so flat I’m out of time and out of place You know that I know you love me And I know you want to be there But leave me alone; let me be That way … Continue reading We Know

Black Bird

The Lord of prophecy and artistic word Returning silent life to the war dead Before he too, came to lose his own head The cauldron-god with wings of a black bird. For seven years foreseeing Harlech’s fate And then four score and seven more in Gwales In music, art and song he shared his many … Continue reading Black Bird


After the glory of a battle won The soldier stands with blood staining his hands His weary eyes gazing over the lands And the dead lay beneath the blazing sun He lowers his head, his soul gripped with pain For the lives lost in the victory’s quest As he prays the fallen will now find … Continue reading Battlefield

A Pagan Echo

Through fields of wheat there trails a summer breeze That softly sings over the hills and vales And as the sun begins to fall below The Earth’s own rhythm brings a sense of ease As ancient Celts again retell their tales Around the fire, hear a Pagan echo. At Lughnasadh we see the golden grain, … Continue reading A Pagan Echo