Form: Rannaicheacht Bheag Blessed ploughman, the god of fields dressedDivine child of a goddess, blessedOf prodded earth his hands sealed questTo yield harvest gods’ blessed ©JGFarmer2020


Form: Haiku Abstract Sunset on the Sea by Bruce Nutting as the day closesbefore night has time to fallflames burn on water ©JGFarmer2020

Nothing More

My soul is falling into the pits of hell Unexpressed sorrow churned around my pain And in that sorrow drowned the tolling bell...

Come Home

There are places I love to go, where I belong and I’ll never say where or why when I have been to so many places already...

Huitain Notes

A very old French verse form the Huitain consists of one eight-line stanza composed of ten-syllable lines. The verse is written over three rhymes and the two popular rhyme schemes are as follows:ababbcbcandabbaacac Example Be thou like a rose by Ryter Roethicle Be thou like a Rose my belovedLet not thy thorns keep me away.When … Continue reading Huitain Notes

Hymnal Measure Notes

Stricter than Common measure, Hymnal Measure consists of alternating rhyming couplets over iambic tetrameter and trimeter. This gives a rhyme scheme of…abab cdcd efef … and so on Example: Hymn to Beauty by Jez Farmer It is an art this kissing thing,A portrait drawn by love;When lips embrace the heart shall singAnd speak desire thereof … Continue reading Hymnal Measure Notes