Out of Time

Form: Clare's Sonnet That inner urge to clear the leaf strewn groundTo look out and see nothing lying aroundTo empty the mind of all wayward thoughtAnd find the peace that cannot be boughtA sacred space that floats outside of timeWhere bards sing their songs and tell their rhymeAs I fall silent to hear each epic … Continue reading Out of Time

Pentastich Notes

The Pentastich is a free form quintet with no rhyme scheme or meter requirement. Example Cicada Waltzes by Jez Farmer As the sun rises, animals and treesRejoice the season of lifeDeer are dancing in the forest gladeTo cicada waltzes played in the meadowlandAnd the tawny owl hides in the viridian leaves. Rainbows of colour ripple … Continue reading Pentastich Notes

Invisible Hug

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 96 I see your silhouette set in my mindLike a shadow on a flat sandy beachA perfect outline so clearly definedNot for a second do you leave my thoughtsBecause in a moment I can see youIn a binary print of ones and noughtsA blink of eyes colours come into viewAnd how … Continue reading Invisible Hug

Gentleman Alone

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 97 The dandy young men with the debutante girlsWhile the widows watched over cups of teaAn old time revue of cream cakes and pearlsAmused the old cat for an afternoonAmid the tourists and stripy deck chairsOn a warm summer’s day in early JuneAnd the old cat sauntered with graces and airsGentleman … Continue reading Gentleman Alone

Ballet and Bandits

Form: Italian Sonnet 2 The Garden is still heaving at midnightTourists and revellers after a showAnd the last trains are blaring ‘time to go’An atmosphere to awaken delightAs 2am strikes the Garden falls quiteQuiet; now the pubs have closed and clubs glowFor the all-nighters are in their full flowAs another drunk staggers out of sightAnd … Continue reading Ballet and Bandits


Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 95 I used to say don’t go so far from meBecause I didn’t want to feel this lostCircumstances changed that yet still we beA union blessed by a love divineAnd learning that patience will see us throughNo matter what, I’m yours and you are mineAs each day passes I’m waiting for … Continue reading Because

Morning Call

Form: Endecha That morning I first heard itHaunting my senses at dawnEchoing deep in my soulAnd to that recognition my soul is drawn I heard it again todayAnd my senses again frozeA soulful, deafening cryA passioned call; that sound the wilderness knows Spirit brother I hear youYour heart calling to my wholeEvery part of me … Continue reading Morning Call

Silent Bones

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 88 A lonely walk across the old graveyardWith silent bones resting beneath the groundForgotten souls, no floral calling cardsThe lives lived lost to the darkness of timeWhen history I know was here and nowOf Victorian streets coated in grimeAnd Shire horses powered the farmer’s ploughI ask has the world improved anyhowHas … Continue reading Silent Bones

Visions of the Inner Eye

Form: Choi's Sonnet Delicious silence sighs with contentmentAnd smiles like a sleeping innocent childThe sweet hint of the secret merrimentOf dreams and the wondering mind beguiledSlowly breathing as the spirit runs wildImagination never meant to be mildSilence embraces the different kindOf thinking; sleeping with an open mindLike the scent of sandalwood redefinedThe words of love … Continue reading Visions of the Inner Eye

A Question Asked

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 85 The shouting waves crashing on the dark rocksThe sea running free in its frothy whiteA stormy night revealing tidal shocksViolently stretching towards the clouded skiesNature’s rage displayed in passion and strengthOn a winter’s night her power defiesThe manmade resistance on the shore’s lengthProving again that Man’s will bears no strengthAgainst … Continue reading A Question Asked