The Best of Jazz

He hit the downbeat, found the blues, Not to mention having no clues. The jazz man could improvise and drag, 'Bad Penny Blues' an infamous rag. Slurring between riffs with such ease, Trumpet proud he stood out from the sleaze. Vamp chords repeated for our delight, dissonance of students in bars each night. Jazz club … Continue reading The Best of Jazz


Autumn’s Glow

The leaves made soft, rustling sounds As we walk through autumn’s glow. The equinox beckons in bounds, The harvest in its full flow. Haymaking as we made hay, A summer’s love going strong. A kiss leads to our pathway, To our world where we belong. Lover’s fall is now our tune, Before winter breaks with … Continue reading Autumn’s Glow

A Matter of Choice

I can give you words of spiritual wise, I can tell you this is right, that is not. Faith must come from your own believing eyes, The answer you want is one I haven't got Inside your own heart seek what is true, Have trust in your own self to make your choice. This is … Continue reading A Matter of Choice

Lucky in Love

A warrior to stand behind The beauty my own eyes defined Her kiss I hold within my mind Her love the reason why I’d let my life slowly unwind To keep her safe, I’ll die For love, there is no asking price Yet demands such high sacrifice Its fate, a mere roll of the dice … Continue reading Lucky in Love

Unspeakable Need

  A whisper of lavender calls a dream, In gentle words that dare the heart to care As darker thoughts recall how love can hurt Mechanised walls surround the patched-up heart, Before hungered lips betray the soul With more lavendered words inviting trust, A poet hides behind versed make believe, No sign the pulse is … Continue reading Unspeakable Need

Comparison of Passion

Dust settles rapidly On empty battlefields In mourning reflection And lovers lingering In velvet temptation Such feelings equated resolutely Love Hate The friction intimates That spirits awaken indifferent   ©JG Farmer 2018 Form: Rhopalic Verse


She speaks to me in words upon the page The mystic woman who so often takes My hand and leads my soul in ways of sage She dries my tears through the pains and heartaches Then guides my pen to write all the hurt out And see the truth that my poetry makes Her belief … Continue reading Rhapsodomancy

The Chair

The chair just sits So empty now And loneliness Is lost in grief The tears I cry For me, not you The emptiness Of letting go I held your hand And begged the pain To set you free To fly among The stars above I did not think I’d feel alone But for that chair … Continue reading The Chair


The Etheree is a 10-lined poetry form with an ascending syllable count of 1 to 10 through lines 1 to 10. Therefore, line 1 has 1 syllable, line 2 has 2, and so on ending with line 10 and 10 syllables. Example: Elemental by Jez Farmer Fire Air, Earth Water sprites combined as one. Life's … Continue reading Etheree

Colours of Life

Dark clouds of pain make it so hard to see The colours of what is going to be We dwell and mope in dull and aching grey With eyes closed: not daring to look ahead As if in the sadness we want to stay To leave tomorrow’s beauty far behind As if the future has … Continue reading Colours of Life

The Rush

Adenosine is looking for a mate But it won’t lead to love on a hot date With the drowsy chill zone getting it on And senses seem dull with thoughts all confused Unable to wake up enough as one The poet unable to write his words Let alone think a line is set out straight … Continue reading The Rush

Succubae Touch

Emotions drained from veins like crimson blood Then leave the soul to drown in poisoned mud Old feelings of hunger, the sensual want And cravings yearn for the succubae touch Inscribed like ink stains in emptiness’ font As flowing silk concealed the pain of love With sedated thoughts refusing to feel Her twisted blades flailing … Continue reading Succubae Touch

Severin’s Lament

Poet’s notes: Venus in Furs is an 1870 novella and part of Love, the first volume of the Legacy of Cain by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The character Severin von Kusiemski asks to be the slave of a woman he is infatuated with, encouraging her to treat him progressively in more degrading ways. Texte: I am … Continue reading Severin’s Lament

Ivorian Spring

Silence, can you hear it as seasons turn The news reflected in a sapling fern A joy revealed as golden trumpets’ call The winter has taken its final breath To dance in romance at the springtime ball A god and goddess play their tune again New life is born beneath their sacred feet They’ll bring … Continue reading Ivorian Spring

Alban Elfed

Welcome winds of autumn Take me home to harvest Blessed wings of bounty Cross-county flies carvist So, the sun is setting Searing skies brought afire Sire of gods and gentry In plenty praise inspire © JG Farmer 2018 Form: Rionnaird tri-nard

Cannonades of Summer

A chilled breath creeps across the green A feeling words left unexplained It's closing in yet still unseen A chilled breath creeps across the green And the air feels dry and unclean Like the ground its burned and stained A chilled breath creeps across the green A feeling words left unexplained The sky darkens to … Continue reading Cannonades of Summer

The Spectral Seducer

As dark clouds gathered embracing the sky Old jazz tunes kissed the streets of New Orleans Each note lingering to reach for the moon Old time airs bringing romance to the scene Returning to the dreams of ages past I heard her say ‘huh?’ as I kissed her hand With raindrops falling hard on to … Continue reading The Spectral Seducer

The Date

At a quarter past seven, I must dash For the Appleby’s expect me at eight A flick of oil to my silver moustache For Miss Emma-Jane I mustn’t be late A brisk evening walk buffered by the west And yesterday’s news flies across the street As icy blasts cut through my Sunday best Must hurry … Continue reading The Date

Riding the Waves

Cruelly torn from love’s tantalizing kiss The rage of passion burns beneath my skin It feeds on pleasure gasping from your lips As my tongue flickers softly on your flesh I watch you writhing possessed by desire How slow the touch comes when it’s all you need A little longer; let me enjoy you Let … Continue reading Riding the Waves

Beltane Rise

They share the sky at early morn A god and goddess joined again As birds sing welcome to the dawn And dew feels soft like summer rain The grass leaves gentle kisses here Upon the feet of roaming stag He seeks the love to bring him cheer His eyes searching for springtide’s flag She dances … Continue reading Beltane Rise

We Know

  You know I love you, I know that But today I need my own space My aching body feels so flat I’m out of time and out of place You know that I know you love me And I know you want to be there But leave me alone; let me be That way … Continue reading We Know

Black Bird

The Lord of prophecy and artistic word Returning silent life to the war dead Before he too, came to lose his own head The cauldron-god with wings of a black bird. For seven years foreseeing Harlech’s fate And then four score and seven more in Gwales In music, art and song he shared his many … Continue reading Black Bird


After the glory of a battle won The soldier stands with blood staining his hands His weary eyes gazing over the lands And the dead lay beneath the blazing sun He lowers his head, his soul gripped with pain For the lives lost in the victory’s quest As he prays the fallen will now find … Continue reading Battlefield

A Pagan Echo

Through fields of wheat there trails a summer breeze That softly sings over the hills and vales And as the sun begins to fall below The Earth’s own rhythm brings a sense of ease As ancient Celts again retell their tales Around the fire, hear a Pagan echo. At Lughnasadh we see the golden grain, … Continue reading A Pagan Echo

Love Unspoken

I once had a heart; now it’s broken She was once the love of my life From a distance, the best man’s wife I made my vows solemn spoken I still saw her just now and then I watched her smile without a care Hatches, matches, dispatches share Family ties gather again Until today, her … Continue reading Love Unspoken

Night Muse

While I was wandering through loneliness Where once my trust had met with phoniness I heard you whisper as day turned to night Your gentle calling my heart’s guiding light As inside the darkness you took my hand The delicate love I needed so much Unleashing my tears with the softest touch And slowly my … Continue reading Night Muse

Beyond Repair

All they can see is the fake smile As tears just flow on deep inside The hidden pain of feeling vile Old secrets words never confide Unseen, the tears are real and mine The tattered remnants of sweet love I tell you again ‘I am fine’ I dare not speak the truth thereof The love … Continue reading Beyond Repair

Not Yet

Secrets and shadows, wine and rain Just questions spinning round Inside my head there is no peace The answers lost not found Where are the things to end my pain In confusion, I’m bound By fears that never seem to cease I look beneath the ground And now I pause to take no breath Alone … Continue reading Not Yet

Ne’er Reborn

I am – she cares not who that is I’m nix but words that scorn A heart despised by acid tongue For love is ne’er reborn With contempt, she let my heart dream Her love was mine to hold But love be damned when left for dead Outside in winter’s cold No pity has she … Continue reading Ne’er Reborn

Love’s Wish

I love you even today, without hope Of knowing you ever loved me too But for that I will not forlornly mope My tears are shed, as always without you To ease my soul from all that brings me pain And that hurts the most, what else can I do? So once more I walk … Continue reading Love’s Wish

Sleight of Hand

It’s mind over matter this sleight of hand Simple illusions that deceive the eye But it’s never easy to understand As the man in a black suit casts a lie Silently stunned so we never ask why The speed of hand faster than what we see And nothing’s what we perceive it to be But … Continue reading Sleight of Hand

Spanish Eyes

The hustle of her chamois leather jeans That caught my eye on that hot summer night A glance, a smile and the story began With hidden words of love that poets write With deep sandy eyes, she hypnotized me I was willing to surrender my heart For she stole my mind in erotic dance Such … Continue reading Spanish Eyes

The Mystery

I look in her eyes and feel the fires burn Such passion is not a fleeting sojourn I feel her heart beat tugging upon mine As in her kiss I taste the sweetest wine My tongue longs to linger upon her lip While gently teasing as her senses slip Before the lingual dance in rhythmic … Continue reading The Mystery

Lost at Sea

A mastless ship now lost at sea With no maps or places to go For all the stars have left the sky I have nothing left to go by My heart is empty, shot by pain A mastless ship now lost at sea A mere speck in the endless blue And no idea of what to … Continue reading Lost at Sea

Teasing Tankas

Before my eyes blink In rays of a waking day I can see you smile As my arms gently embrace Another night spent with you. My lips can still taste The passion found in your heart Relighting embers Of my own sensual hunger As I move into your kiss I know your essence The scent … Continue reading Teasing Tankas

Purest Truth

In silence. none can hear unspoken dreams Yet silence still speaks louder than any screams A man alone can only see his fear He feels it drawing him in somewhere near The chosen path is known by few who care To walk alone a man must take the dare In darkness, purest truth is seen … Continue reading Purest Truth


A habit becomes need The fun that was has gone A fix now feeds their greed The addict is alone A drug echoes the fear When need cries out no more Reality draws near And pain shakes on the floor The fun carried a cost A buzz, a high, what price? Now all is gone … Continue reading Addiction

Apollyon Avenue

The rivers are dry without rain No water to ease thirsty pain Dry sandy beds echo the past There’s nothing left, it went so fast When we put desire before need Sating only the human greed Ignoring the warnings made clear Heeding nowt refusing to hear So, blind we believed all was well Indeed, this … Continue reading Apollyon Avenue

Box Of Lies

Persuasions offered in their words Slogans repeated in ways absurd It must be true on the TV No biased questions on the news Political lies and points of views It must be true on the TV Reality shows to numb the brain The masses are easy to train It must be true on the TV … Continue reading Box Of Lies