Well, Did You?

Did you hear me cry out in the night? As you loved me did you hear me cry out? Did you feel me kiss you in your sleep? After you turned out the light did you feel my kiss? Or was it a dream after we fought so hard to be the one in the … Continue reading Well, Did You?


Beyond Repair

All they can see is the fake smile As tears just flow on deep inside The hidden pain of feeling vile Old secrets words never confide Unseen, the tears are real and mine The tattered remnants of sweet love I tell you again ‘I am fine’ I dare not speak the truth thereof The love … Continue reading Beyond Repair

Not Yet

Secrets and shadows, wine and rain Just questions spinning round Inside my head there is no peace The answers lost not found Where are the things to end my pain In confusion, I’m bound By fears that never seem to cease I look beneath the ground And now I pause to take no breath Alone … Continue reading Not Yet

Ne’er Reborn

I am – she cares not who that is I’m nix but words that scorn A heart despised by acid tongue For love is ne’er reborn With contempt, she let my heart dream Her love was mine to hold But love be damned when left for dead Outside in winter’s cold No pity has she … Continue reading Ne’er Reborn

Love’s Wish

I love you even today, without hope Of knowing you ever loved me too But for that I will not forlornly mope My tears are shed, as always without you To ease my soul from all that brings me pain And that hurts the most, what else can I do? So once more I walk … Continue reading Love’s Wish

Sleight of Hand

It’s mind over matter this sleight of hand Simple illusions that deceive the eye But it’s never easy to understand As the man in a black suit casts a lie Silently stunned so we never ask why The speed of hand faster than what we see And nothing’s what we perceive it to be But … Continue reading Sleight of Hand