Recalling that morning I can’t forget Acrid fumes of smoke sticking in my throat The fires of hell burning the earth, and yet...

Ostara Serenade

Long nights of darkness are coming to an end. Spring is marching in, warming the world with life. Bleak landscape expanses of sombre grey shadows...

Goethe Stanza Notes

A rather different poetic form, especially for English language poets, is the Goethe Stanza. Each stanza comprises of a single line a couplet and another single line. The first single line rhymes with the second line of the couplet and the first line of the couplet rhymes with the second single line. There is no … Continue reading Goethe Stanza Notes

Ghazal Notes

The Ghazal form exists throughout the Muslim world having originated in the Ottoman empire and as Islam spread throughout the empire so did their poetry. The Ghazal is mostly far from religious subject matter, however, and is blessed with an abundance of erotica.The Ghazal is a series of couplets, each capable of standing alone as … Continue reading Ghazal Notes

The Tooth Fairy

What does she do with all the teeth that she finds? White, tiny teeth from under the soft, feather pillow. Where does she take them as you lie in dream sleep...

Glosa Notes

The Spanish Glosa is known as a mote or retruecano, closely related to the cantiga. In its strict form, it is a poem consisting of a cabeza or texte line or short stanza that states the theme of the poem and followed by one stanza for each line of the cabeza explaining or glossing that … Continue reading Glosa Notes