Ballad Stanza Notes

The basic ballad stanza is made up of four lines. It has an alternating couplet at lines two and four. The lines also alternate between tetrameter and trimeter. This gives the following structure xxxxxxxaxxxxxbxxxxxxxcxxxxxb Example: The Little Boy Lost by William Blake "Father, father where are you going?Oh do not walk so fast!Speak, father, speak … Continue reading Ballad Stanza Notes

Ballad Notes

The long measure ballad is a variant of common measure. It consists of four-line stanzas, each line ideally being iambic tetrameter or eight-syllables in length.

Ordinary Man

Is it pleasure, regret, anger or madness? No! It is all about power, absolute power, corruption complete. A guy like me with nothing, and no hope of anything in life....

Silent Mask

Form: Ballad Stanzas Prompt: Taste the rainbow My confused mind hidden by fear With questions never asked Never daring to say the words


Form: Ballad Once it was you who ruled my pen And like a child I obeyed you The words at play within my dreams

The Marriage Portrait

Form: Ballad Portrait of the Artist's Wife, Cunera van der Cock by Frans van Mieris the Elder, 1657/8, oil on vellum inlaid on oak. Currently located in the collection of the National Gallery, London, UK