The Henge

Form: Free Verse Chilling winds echo setting sun.carrying time backwardstemple of peace, focal point,herders’ lands mingle with grain,where bronzed traders negotiate Avebury Henge, Wiltshire, UK ©JGFarmer2009

Unspoken Words

Form: Free Verse The emotions that cannot speakas they have no words on my lipssurrendered as he kissed memy breath stolen by his mouthas his soul spoke softly to mineand I listened in the feelingof his whispers glidingfrom the back of his throatto graze over my lipsbefore growling into my heart ©JGFarmer2021

Oi Sunshine

Form: Free Verse What label should I wearfor you to understandmy personal beingmy own identityand why the hell do you need to knowthe genitals inside my jeansand the gender of who I sleep withit’s not your bed I get in at nightit’s not your bedroom I feel safe to undress init’s not your arms that … Continue reading Oi Sunshine