Torment of Lust

Form: Free Verse His want to tease her with lingering touches while denying her lips


Bed Linen

Form: Free Verse In hushed voices pillows-talk in the middle of the night


You cast your spell on me as I sipped the potion from your lips a gentle brew on a witch’s rune

Unwanted Heart

The Creative Space Prompt: The Unrequited love poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?


Form: Epistle My Heart, for my heart pulsates with your name Hearing you speak is the music of my soul like birdsong in the pale light of a spring morning

That Kiss

Form: Free Verse This morning I woke your kiss still lingering on my lips as delicate as a butterfly

Summer Solstice

Form: Epistle Oh my sweet, as the sun lingers in stillness on this longest day I am sat quietly in this in-between time. On one side the magic of love

Monday Night

Form: Epistle My love, every night while I lie in my bed, I write a letter in mind to you. The silly things, the everyday things and the wittering of my heart. A thought of you revealed in a song on the radio, my passion that soared in my poetry and the thought of you laughing at my forgetful nature.

Late April

Form: Epistle Oh sweet I need nothing more than you to make my world complete and I wait in this emptiness until that


Form: Free Verse Sir, can it be that your living flesh so ruggedly defined like the chiselled marble statue of David in the V&A

Kisses of Seduction

Form: Free Verse In those eyes of innocence I saw your supplication as a graceful goddess offering her hand and I see your face in all the beauty of love

The Artist

Form: Free Verse The feelings are mine in a stroke of a brush a thousand words hidden in fine lines an image that says nothing in its stillness yet reveals everything in its silence where graphite marks paper there is only truth and my muse stands still whilst my hand follows my eye from his … Continue reading The Artist

Your Choice

Form: Free Verse I can’t take the power it is not mine to take yet it is my desire to possess it when you choose to give it