Essence of Cinnamon

The first scent as my eyes open is you a spicy reminder of lust

A Reason for Silence

Words falling through space only landing on deaf ears words failing to be heard

The Fence

A fence runs down the garden keeping friends as strangers but I see him standing there


Prompt: The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.


Form: Epistle My Heart, for my heart pulsates with your name Hearing you speak is the music of my soul like birdsong in the pale light of a spring morning

Summer Solstice

Form: Epistle Oh my sweet, as the sun lingers in stillness on this longest day I am sat quietly in this in-between time. On one side the magic of love

Monday Night

Form: Epistle My love, every night while I lie in my bed, I write a letter in mind to you. The silly things, the everyday things and the wittering of my heart. A thought of you revealed in a song on the radio, my passion that soared in my poetry and the thought of you laughing at my forgetful nature.

Late April

Form: Epistle Oh sweet I need nothing more than you to make my world complete and I wait in this emptiness until that


Form: Free Verse Sir, can it be that your living flesh so ruggedly defined like the chiselled marble statue of David in the V&A

Kisses of Seduction

Form: Free Verse In those eyes of innocence I saw your supplication as a graceful goddess offering her hand and I see your face in all the beauty of love