Chained Sonnet Notes

More of an effect than a set sonnet form the chained sonnet can be used with any sonnet variant the poet chooses. Each line begins with the last word of the preceding line. For a cyclic chained sonnet the last word of the last line should be the first word of the first line. Structure: … Continue reading Chained Sonnet Notes

Curtal Sonnet Notes

Originally created by Gerard Manly Hopkins using his devised meter Sprung Rhythm sonnet purists would argue the Curtal Sonnet is not a true sonnet, nevertheless I shall include it in my notes as a valid sonnet form. The Curtal is a shortened, or curtailed sonnet, specifically referring to a sonnet composed of a sestet and … Continue reading Curtal Sonnet Notes

Clare’s Sonnet Notes

Structure: Quatorzain of coupletsMeter: AnySchema: aabbccddeeffgg Example: Line by Line by Jez Farmer The soft touch of her lover’s lipsOn her skin his tongue slowly skipsHis hunger, her passion as oneDefining love’s erotic funWithout words, with a metered beatTheir verse inscribed in sexual feetA dance, a song, a poem foundShe drags her nails in the … Continue reading Clare’s Sonnet Notes