Heather’s Sonnet Notes

Structure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: 6 syllables or trimeterSchema: abab cded fgfg ce Example Sunrise by Jez Farmer At the beginning of the day I feelJust like a whisper in a lover’s dreamAs remnants of dreams in gold rays congealIn rushing waters of the little streamI feel you standing there right beside meJust like … Continue reading Heather’s Sonnet Notes

Visions of the Inner Eye

Form: Choi's Sonnet Delicious silence sighs with contentmentAnd smiles like a sleeping innocent childThe sweet hint of the secret merrimentOf dreams and the wondering mind beguiledSlowly breathing as the spirit runs wildImagination never meant to be mildSilence embraces the different kindOf thinking; sleeping with an open mindLike the scent of sandalwood redefinedThe words of love … Continue reading Visions of the Inner Eye

Call of Fire

Form: Free Style Sonnet 1 The gut instinct that comes from a somewhereA someplace but I have never been thereLike a memory held too deep to shareFrom ancient days and my soul is awareIt feeds my spirit to do and to dareAnd I find myself drawn closer to careA past life seed planted deep inside … Continue reading Call of Fire

The Creative Mind

Form: Four Kings Sonnet The creative mind as sharp as an axeHas no time for acts of complacent thoughtHis soul not for sale and cannot be boughtIn imagined worlds formed in parallaxHis muse shedding her artificial factsIn his darkness of thinking they are caughtAnd fingers lightly strike words as they oughtCompiling the notes into story … Continue reading The Creative Mind

A Question Asked

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 85 The shouting waves crashing on the dark rocksThe sea running free in its frothy whiteA stormy night revealing tidal shocksViolently stretching towards the clouded skiesNature’s rage displayed in passion and strengthOn a winter’s night her power defiesThe manmade resistance on the shore’s lengthProving again that Man’s will bears no strengthAgainst … Continue reading A Question Asked

State of Insanity

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 84 Entwined in tangled webs of solitudeYou are distant, so far away from meAn empty void within love’s attitudeYet my soul is held in the captive stateStifling the tears in the shadows of hopeAs egos of passion are forced to waitAnd heart’s desires, in darkness, lost their scopeEndlessly falling down destiny’s … Continue reading State of Insanity

Sacred Connection

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 83 This morning beneath the winter’s grey skiesThis morning whispered the promise of snowAnd in the silence I sat, closed my eyesMy soul entwined within the earth’s embraceAs consciousness floated gently awayI am weightless as I fall into placeIn the soft light of another new dayI’m sat by the pool where … Continue reading Sacred Connection