The Spectral Seducer

As dark clouds gathered embracing the sky Old jazz tunes kissed the streets of New Orleans Each note lingering to reach for the moon Old time airs bringing romance to the scene Returning to the dreams of ages past I heard her say ‘huh?’ as I kissed her hand With raindrops falling hard on to … Continue reading The Spectral Seducer


Riding the Waves

Cruelly torn from love’s tantalizing kiss The rage of passion burns beneath my skin It feeds on pleasure gasping from your lips As my tongue flickers softly on your flesh I watch you writhing possessed by desire How slow the touch comes when it’s all you need A little longer; let me enjoy you Let … Continue reading Riding the Waves


The garden has lost its beautiful rose And so the sky has lost its brightest star As this emptiness echoes near and far My life without you; fear the worst of foes Echoes that speak only in evil dreams To open the weary scars of the past The nightmare that a love can never last … Continue reading Phantasm

The Crown

Fingers grip the rock of the mountain face Keep moving upward at a steady pace My heart at one with the cool mountain air Determination to get to the top As burning limbs ache to take up the dare I’m nearly there, a few feet from the peak Just one more push and I will … Continue reading The Crown


You asked me what takes hold my heart in bliss Eloquent words describe the joy in me The one thing that sets my soul to fly free To feel your lips as they move in a kiss In love there is nothing more true than this Forevermore I need the gentle touch That inspires my … Continue reading Inspiration

Branwen’s Whisper

You have walked with me through shadows of life, And eased my heart through times of pain and strife. O goddess of love and beauty I pray The dearest Lady of the cauldron’s lake Let your loving grace shine on earth today. As I lose myself in Cambrian hills, I see your beauty haunting vales … Continue reading Branwen’s Whisper

Black Bird

The Lord of prophecy and artistic word Returning silent life to the war dead Before he too, came to lose his own head The cauldron-god with wings of a black bird. For seven years foreseeing Harlech’s fate And then four score and seven more in Gwales In music, art and song he shared his many … Continue reading Black Bird

Forest Spring

Shadows of winter remain here Unclad by the early spring sun Echoes chilled by the passing time Seasons rebuild nature’s beauty Torn between worlds, the then and now Reborn in the cool forest glades Life on earth must return again In the blessed birth of springtide’s call Walking amid awakening trees Sleep talking and stretching … Continue reading Forest Spring


I kiss the dust that lies beneath your feet As I know from your love I can’t retreat But still I feel the pain of losing you You are all I wanted in dreams beneath The sun; you are my sun and all I knew Of love I found only in your presence The rapture … Continue reading Before