Dare to Dream

Dare to DreamForm: Balesian Sonnet She left me standing here without a chance,alone, no light to see within this place.Yet still, I dream beyond this night's disgrace,no words of love to guide my heart's romance.I long to hear her voice caress my ears;she is the blood that surges through my veins;my love complete, in faith … Continue reading Dare to Dream


Echoes of love reflect in stillness Where else but here, this place of art and love And memories still dance in their shrillness As lilies float by holding my dreams of You and I, and all that we should have been That sweet joy of love, of you and of me Here in Venice I said give me your pain....

Persepolis Sonnet Notes

Created by: Leny RooversStructure: Octave and sestetMeter: Octave 11 syllable lines, Sestet decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: aabbccdd efgefg Example Taking Chances by Jez Farmer A doorway to where, a mystery to goA ready-made adventure and who’s to knowWhat lies just beyond this, an unopened doorI don’t know as I haven’t been there beforeYet anticipation tingles … Continue reading Persepolis Sonnet Notes

Kal’s Wondercloth Weave Sonnet Notes

Created by: Jose Rizal M. ReyesStructure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterSchema: abcb bcdc cded de Example Good Without God by Jez Farmer Does his soul still linger on the BeagleAnd does he still sail to far away islesWhere scientific truth spoke on a finch’s beakAs we look at religion with knowing smilesCreationism … Continue reading Kal’s Wondercloth Weave Sonnet Notes

Mirrored 18-Line Sonnet Notes

Structure: Octet, couplet and octetMeter: decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme scheme: abbaabba cc abbaabba Example Ancient Drum by Jez Farmer Across the savannah echo ancient drumThe spirit of nature dancing on grassYet mankind comes invading en masseHe’s taking her beauty and still He comeAcross the plains where the dry grasses humWill this invader e’er run out of … Continue reading Mirrored 18-Line Sonnet Notes