The Missing

Through silent misty eyes I look for you I am missing you, it’s hunting me down As without your kisses my heart is blue...

Busta Sonetto 1 Notes

Meter: No meter requirementStructure: 2 quintains and a quatrainRhyme Scheme: abcba defed ghhg Example: Danish Prince by Jez Farmer A soliloquy questions life or deathOne man’s desperate plea seeking choiceAs he utters ‘to be or not to be’The strain echoing in his troubled voiceAnd again, as he draws into his breathHis crying eyes blinded by … Continue reading Busta Sonetto 1 Notes


The pleasure of feeding your hunger and need In your moment of want and sensual greed With her mind floating on your unclipped wings

Fashion Parade

Form: Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet Smiles are infectious, a beautiful pox Styles may change but a smile will never fail To set a mark in the high fashion stakes