Too Late?

The joys of spring are late in coming round As snowflakes scatter softly on the ground For winter's winds are holding back the light And earth must wait to feel the warming sun Despite the ever short'ning hours of night The essence of spring seems lost amid ice And voices moan about the cold and … Continue reading Too Late?

To a Girl

At last I feel my love so close to me Thy breath, a soft caress upon my cheek And in that touch I yield my soul to thee Yet my spirit is neither frail nor weak It is thy love that gives my heart its strength The strength that seeks to sate thy own desire … Continue reading To a Girl

Tick Tock

Past days echo in tickings of a clock The clock that marks time passing with a tock Each tick, each tock is gone forevermore No more can life be as it was before Before you touched my heart with love's encore Again, encore, I beg another kiss The sweetest kiss that leads me to your … Continue reading Tick Tock

This Moonless Night

I watched the skies and wondered on a dream When you gaze on the stars this moonless night Do senses drift as if upon a stream Or do they thunder like a city crowd? Does love lead your heart to take delight While floating on a wispy spiral cloud? And do those stars above seem … Continue reading This Moonless Night

Shattered Love

I walk the stony ground wrought in life’s pain That echoes the tales of a broken heart My tears lay lost in the rivers of rain That mirror the sorrow inside my soul Yet mere words have no thought on where to start No solace nor comfort of joyful parole For lines of poetry hold … Continue reading Shattered Love

Poisoned Blood

Her spell is cast and surges through my blood The ebb and flow of life within my veins It cannot change the emotional flood That leaves my soul lost in an angel’s chains A heavenly place yet it burns of hell Of pain and pleasure in melodic song Nothing to say with no story to … Continue reading Poisoned Blood

Sleight of Hand

It’s mind over matter this sleight of hand Simple illusions that deceive the eye But it’s never easy to understand As the man in a black suit casts a lie Silently stunned so we never ask why The speed of hand faster than what we see And nothing’s what we perceive it to be But … Continue reading Sleight of Hand

Changing Direction

When the wise talk of love is it a dream And do they dance beneath that moonlit beam Just like you and I as we kiss goodnight To hold the moment of love’s sweet delight In a courtship that leads us to the heart A prelude to the passion we behold The beautiful gift granted … Continue reading Changing Direction

The White Stag

Beside the dreamy streams he stands alone, The fires of lightning sparking in his eye, As the white stag comes to the sacred stone The Sun-god smiles wherever ravens fly, Like a mountain reaching for misty sky Proudly stands the chief of the Mabogni His battles fought, in peace dwells Lord of grain Through summer … Continue reading The White Stag