Tug of War

A battle waits and only strength can win The old must die for the new to begin While battle worn, devoid of all but hope Beguiled by hate a soldier stakes his claim In fireside stories refusing to mope His inner resources taking up the strain As fears and doubts have left the rope too … Continue reading Tug of War


Home for Tea

The vagueness falls around a winter dawn And frost is nipping at by boot clad feet A golden hue; a glimpse of a sunbeam With trees like sketches with a pencil drawn Where the curling mist seems to gently greet The dog and I out walking by the stream In this wintery bliss where nothing … Continue reading Home for Tea

For Life

Within the darkness lies a poet’s sight The special something that is his delight That something perfect dwells inside his mind It stirs with his words as he takes his breath And on the page his thoughts slowly unwind A gentle breeze or a tempest in ink This ink is like blood exposing his soul … Continue reading For Life

Moving Forward

So tightly wrapped within the endless heat Yet daring not to breathe to find my feet A distant memory that haunts my dreams My days of binding are over and gone I can breathe now without ripping the seams And look back at the girl I left behind Without fear of rage or feeling self-hate … Continue reading Moving Forward

Inside Her Eyes

In roseate shadows where dreams are seen His fingers tap his thoughts across the screen The words of love upon hi-tech device As old as time; for love remains the same It is no science nor is it precise As it catches the soul in its embrace Lingering gazes lead the heart inside The eyes. … Continue reading Inside Her Eyes

Dance Free

Tonight, I waltz within your arms once more Across the night sky’s celestial dance floor As love extends her touch beyond the veil And should you care to reach out, take my hand And join me once more so our ship can sail Upon the everlasting heavenly sea And if you should ask me the … Continue reading Dance Free