A Blessing

From out of darkness Mother, we call thee! In stormy winds, reveal thy destiny Amid the holy fire and cleansing flame Release a crying soul and set it free. With pow’rs of seas we pray our ways reclaim For we are children of the cauldron wame O Mother of the silent Earth, hear our call, … Continue reading A Blessing


A Blessed Birth

The time of darkness touched by Winter’s snow Beneath our feet the frozen Earth awaits The Sun’s rebirth upon the solstice night, In ice and snow she’s warmed by mystic fates, And as before the Winter’s Queen draws near, A cloak of white across her shoulders bare, Her body arched in labours living throes, The … Continue reading A Blessed Birth


The rhythm set by a DJ and a bass guitar echoes the time as fingers dance across a laptop keys a brief respite as the music ends and a traffic alert bemoans delays on the M4 again adverts selling things nobody needs and then his voice sings the words I wish I could write and … Continue reading Lovesong

A Closed Door

The silent tears that nobody saw cry As deep within a soul just wished to die Unspoken the words that voiced so much pain Of a heart broken again and again Self-loathing thoughts can never be said When no feelings remain to be confessed How can the hidden truth ever be expressed When the heart … Continue reading A Closed Door

Watching the Sea

While sitting on the shore I watched the sea, My heart was seeking the answers of life, I saw the waves, cascading white horses Released to run towards the pebbled shore Each pushing further in towards the land And washing sun-baked stones until they shone. While sitting on the shore I watched the sea, My … Continue reading Watching the Sea

Waiting for Love

Oh love seems lonely on the internet These lines I pen say much but nothing yet For words can never say the way I feel Too shy my heart shall know only regret Through screens comes another tender appeal Another layer discarded reveals The hunger of the love I hold for you A passion felt … Continue reading Waiting for Love

The Bird Flies

  We stand in line, waiting our turn as one By one we reach the ticket office door And the rain pours down where there once was sun The brollies open like never before For the show will go on no matter what They all want to see a diva perform For the last time … Continue reading The Bird Flies

Tutelary Goddess

She calls from waters of rivers and seas, To Britons of the future, now and past, She is the whisper on an English breeze, She is the knowledge our freedom will last. From the valleys of Wales she filled with song, To purple heather of bonnie Scotland The call of our nations forever strong, Through … Continue reading Tutelary Goddess