The Deal

Roberto stood in the bedroom of his penthouse apartment and glanced once again into the mirror. Staring back at him was the reflection of a gentleman in full morning suit, a man about to be married, a man in love. Did he look like a man in love? Along the corridor, Roberto could hear his … Continue reading The Deal


The Right Decision

As she watched her daughter kiss her new husband Kathy felt a few tears run down her cheek. The last 20 years had given them both wonderful memories, but it had been tough. Charlie had left them both high and dry, for a new partner. Eva had been just 5 years old then. Now Eva … Continue reading The Right Decision

True Colours

A few days earlier Lewys had placed a solitaire ring on her finger as he knelt on one knee. He wasn’t one for the big romantic gestures so the whole proposal had taken Heidi by surprise. He had revelled in the happy grin that lit up her face as the light flashed on the diamond. The … Continue reading True Colours

Seat 20 B

Nancy’s job as a ticket inspector had its moments, few and far between, but it had them. For the last 2 years on a Monday to Friday evening the young blonde girl had sat in seat 20 of carriage B of the 19:52 train. Always seat 20, always carriage B and always the 19:52. Nancy … Continue reading Seat 20 B