The Galilee Hitch-Hiker by Richard Brautigan

The Galilee Hitch-Hiker Part 1 Baudelaire was driving a Model A across Galilee. He picked up a hitch-hiker named Jesus who had been standing among a school of fish, feeding them pieces of bread. "Where are you going?" asked Jesus, getting into the front seat. "Anywhere, anywhere out of this world!" shouted Baudelaire. "I'll go … Continue reading The Galilee Hitch-Hiker by Richard Brautigan


The Crossing – Caution

Even months after escaping the grip of the System and finding freedom I cannot quite get used to being able speak freely and without fear. Even the simple act of writing my journals would have found me put before a firing squad. Expressing the truth or an opinion carried an automatic death sentence. They could not stop the mind from thinking though.

Leocadia by Francisco Goya

Considered one of the last Old Masters and one of the first of the Modern Masters of painting, Francisco Goya was a Spanish painter and printmaker. He started his career at the age of 14 as an apprentice painter and his talent was quickly recognized.

Ex Amore Poema

The poetry of love, a scented roseWith verses written where kisses reposeThe sweetest touch the secret words between You and me; each touch a new metaphorTo gently take you where you’ve never beenThe pleasure rushes like an ocean waveAnd still, I write my poems on your skinConcealing the hunger with which I craveTo find desire … Continue reading Ex Amore Poema

Autumn River Song by Li Po

The moon shimmers in green water. White herons fly through the moonlight. The young man hears a girl gathering water-chestnuts: into the night, singing, they paddle home together. Poet: Li Po Chinese 701 – 762

The Standing Stone

The stone stands alone it seems against all weather and wane. No one to share the vicious rain. No shelter from wind or snow. Storms come and go, the stone remains, a little battered but tall and proud. The kiss of sunlight warms through, easing the cold dampness away. The love of the moon lights … Continue reading The Standing Stone

Sonnetina Uno

The first of the sonnetinas, the Sonnetina Uno is a ten-line form written in iambic tetrameter, pentameter or any other consistent meter. It is a blank verse. Example Unspeakable Need by Jez Farmer A whisper of lavender calls a dream, In gentle words that dare the heart to care As darker thoughts recall how love … Continue reading Sonnetina Uno

The Four Seasons – Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi Title: The Four Seasons - Autumn Date: 1723 Composer: Antonio Vivaldi Movement: Baroque Italian 1678 - 1741 Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was a composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher and cleric. He is recognised as one of the greatest Baroque composers, and within his lifetime his influence was widespread across Europe. He composed numerous concertos for … Continue reading The Four Seasons – Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi

Stepping Stones

I sat reflecting on the stepping stone Sometimes a girl must think it out alone I thought of love, of life, and prayed to god Unanswered questions cast in earthly sin Even then faith did seem overtly odd Amid this beauty how could love be wrong When love is the pulse of all living things … Continue reading Stepping Stones

A Wink from Hesper by William Ernest Henley

A wink from Hesper, falling Fast in the wintry sky, Comes through the even blue, Dear, like a word from you… Is it good-bye? Across the miles between us I send you sigh for sigh. Good-Night, sweet friend, good-night: Till life and all take flight, Never good-bye Poet: William Ernest Henley English 1849 – 1903


A wingless flight across an open sky as she soars into the night alone for I cannot fly with her as like a tree I remain rooted to the ground she may return she may not but still, I let her fly she is mine and I gladly let her go until the day she … Continue reading Release


  Prompt: A song you cannot stand to listen too As my taste in music is very eclectic this is actually a very hard one to come up with. There are songs and pieces I hate but I can listen to them or have them on in the background and tune them out, but a … Continue reading Noooooooo!!!!

I, Gigolo

Lionel Ritchie crooned across the dance floor. I held you in my arms, leading you into the romantic rhythm of the music as I sang the lyrics to you. After the dance I led you back to the table, attending to your needs as any gentleman should – including a red rose from the seller … Continue reading I, Gigolo

The Best of Jazz

He hit the downbeat, found the blues, Not to mention having no clues. The jazz man could improvise and drag, 'Bad Penny Blues' an infamous rag. Slurring between riffs with such ease, Trumpet proud he stood out from the sleaze. Vamp chords repeated for our delight, dissonance of students in bars each night. Jazz club … Continue reading The Best of Jazz


Such love, so deep it now brings only pain As tears fall silently lost in the rain Each drop washing away the vibrant hue Of memories lost in intimate days Like the roses that were once me and you As you left me did you hear my soul cry As you left me with no … Continue reading Memoria

Greenside Valley

The green valley stretched west of Glenridding, Across the view, our souls wished they’d hidden, Those last hours of love on a Lady’s Tarn We gazed into hills of yesterday’s mines, Discarded, wasted with nothing to mourn Remains that lie buried beneath the green Yet still history whispers over time But dare not speak of … Continue reading Greenside Valley


Old times appear within the here and now, I don’t know why and sure I know not how These memories are coming by return In dreams of the mountains, lakes and fells A now familiar fire started to burn Old memories stirred by notes in a book Unanswered questions turn to puzzle me My thinking … Continue reading Gobbledygook

Autumn’s Glow

The leaves made soft, rustling sounds As we walk through autumn’s glow. The equinox beckons in bounds, The harvest in its full flow. Haymaking as we made hay, A summer’s love going strong. A kiss leads to our pathway, To our world where we belong. Lover’s fall is now our tune, Before winter breaks with … Continue reading Autumn’s Glow

Within the Storm

Waking up from the wonder beyond dreams and I step out into the beautiful world the burn of sunshine on my shoulder and like the vagrant cloud crossing the blue sky I seek the gathering of the storm craving the touch of rain on my shoulder to cool the heat on my skin releasing the … Continue reading Within the Storm

A Body of Knowledge

The buzz at Carstairs Defence was electric. Rumour and speculation had been rife for over 6 months that young Adam Rickard, the boy genius, had developed a new missile detector. Sure enough, the 17-year-old had kept himself behind the closed doors of his lab day and night. Now Sir Damian Carstairs had called a meeting … Continue reading A Body of Knowledge

A Matter of Choice

I can give you words of spiritual wise, I can tell you this is right, that is not. Faith must come from your own believing eyes, The answer you want is one I haven't got Inside your own heart seek what is true, Have trust in your own self to make your choice. This is … Continue reading A Matter of Choice