The Worker Bee

Come slowly my love gently lay your mist upon my lips...

Just a Pretty Dress

I wake up as you call my name but my name remains unknown a secret I don’t want to share, yet

Night Thoughts

My princess, my own beautiful princess Tonight I feel you so much as my hunger and desire for you surge through my body and I can’t call it being in love as that is to put a limit on my feelings


Form: Free Verse Sir, can it be that your living flesh so ruggedly defined like the chiselled marble statue of David in the V&A

Kisses of Seduction

Form: Free Verse In those eyes of innocence I saw your supplication as a graceful goddess offering her hand and I see your face in all the beauty of love

The Artist

Form: Free Verse The feelings are mine in a stroke of a brush a thousand words hidden in fine lines an image that says nothing in its stillness yet reveals everything in its silence where graphite marks paper there is only truth and my muse stands still whilst my hand follows my eye from his … Continue reading The Artist

Your Choice

Form: Free Verse I can’t take the power it is not mine to take yet it is my desire to possess it when you choose to give it