Sometime in Slough

I am alone in my hospital room with only my thoughts for company. The bright sunshine outside does not bring light to the sheer weight of the darkness I see. Sure, my eyes see a couple of cats playing in the long grass where the gardens meet the car park. They see the road I … Continue reading Sometime in Slough

Immortal Lust

That night when I first saw her common sense said feel nothing. She was intensely potent and I could feel her energy ripple through me. My shield of cool detachment shattered when her eyes caught mine and I felt that hunger surge through my blood. Damn in less than five minutes the inner demon had … Continue reading Immortal Lust

Friday Fix

The sunset is fading into the darkness of night. The streets are silent as the clubbers are clubbing and the stay-at-homes are sat in front of the latest instalment of some reality show. It is Friday night and for the first time since the previous week he feels the need to go out. With the … Continue reading Friday Fix