You don’t see me you never see but I do. Silent eyes straying lazily over your curves teasing fingers reaching close but never touching. A kiss waxing poetic love on your lips my tongue just a whisper on your flesh. Then you begin to feel the torment and tease of rough leather curling around your … Continue reading Vision

It’s Just a Dream

As I awake the last dream I see is you fading away as my eyes open and consciousness replaces sleep ordinary replaces the fanciful it’s just a dream and in the cold light of day working boots and hi viz beckon my only companions as the day begins the essence of darkness echo from the … Continue reading It’s Just a Dream


Smooth whiteness of linen stirs to the rhythm of love entwined in a sensual dance primal instincts outside of time tenderness touches a smile fingertips drawing each other in feeding hunger, creating desire soft kisses inviting intensity gently arousing the vibrant war between passion and desire and linen curves to their embrace crushed beneath their … Continue reading Lamina

Love Grown Up

Such folly is the love I felt before A foolish boy obsessed by passion’s lust How easy those words slipped from the tongue then In truth a man’s hunger is so much more Yet only given with respect and trust Those words of love don’t fall so easy now I beg forgive me for mistakes … Continue reading Love Grown Up

NaPoMo 29: Downrush

Cascades of thunder growling from behind Embraced as one without a thought or care The dreams of lovers laced and thus entwined As torrents fall while we are unaware Beneath the foam our two souls are aligned Amid the icy spray crossing the air Cascades of thunder growling from behind Embraced as one without a … Continue reading NaPoMo 29: Downrush

Sensual Sedition

I want to feel you shiver as my tongue lingers here and there just briefly on your neck as my fingers unfasten the zip slowly pushing the fabric aside revealing your shoulders and my lips travel over licking trails around your neck line lingering too long at your throat and the vampyric growl as I … Continue reading Sensual Sedition