As I dream of my death I see beauty on the other side of this nothing the meaningless nothing that is living and as I dream I hear sweet music calling me to feel the rhythm the rhythm of dance that was mine and I taste the bittersweet of love that was mine and is … Continue reading Dreaming


As she brings me to my knees glistening sparks of silver capture my eye she sharpens her blade the sacrifice has begun her desire must be met and I have nothing left but my life my Queen of darkness demands the ultimate gift with the first cut of her knife my body burns my blood … Continue reading Angel

Atramentous Wings

Dormant, he sleeps within my heart his tranquillity is my darkness and he rests silently with one eye open he waits for love’s tender kiss to awaken his veracity and strength for love is his inky black quills of flight © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free Verse


From that first touch before I could comprehend the pulsating movements between our hands as our fingers entwined to lead the dance without chorography without intension each step into the unknown and the rhythm grows intensifying the senses into that state of hypnosis called ecstasy a rapture that binds me to you in the chains … Continue reading Hypnosis


Each night I wake in the same dream and I scream into the darkness I hear your footsteps following me I see your shadows haunting me I feel you On a starless night in the swarthy heat the streets are empty in the godless hours and the chase is on I sense you closing in … Continue reading Nyctophobia

Evening Shadows

With sighs of despair the eyes of disgust glare into the mirror reflecting the sacred temple the pagoda of femininity despised by a masculine mind fingers scratching the smooth skin longing for the roughness of early evening shadows the tormented tears cry inside never to be seen as eyes close to the pain ignoring the … Continue reading Evening Shadows